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Kids are dressed now, so it's just me and my wife. If you have any further questions, please call me. To sell a horse that occasionally turns away from its rider is almost impossible at any price. FYI - For the FREE horses I do all the work pro bono, without commission or fees. Beetty came from the Vista Verde guest ranch near Steamboat, CO.

Undesired horses

For me a huge part of my private lifetime is devoted to the research, rescue and care of horses saved from butchery. When slaughtering is no longer a menace, I would rather return to the way I had before I saved horses that used up my private world! If we don't have a way of dealing with undesirable horses, I'm afraid the killers will outwit us again.

When the SAFE law is passed, I assume that the horses will still be shipped across the border. Instead of being shipped for slaughtering, however, they are shipped at auction and the cost of horsemeat is increased to compensate for the surcharge. The six large equestrian (meat) auction, if the SAFE ACT exists, may just cross the border.

The horses are collected from dealers in the USA and taken across the borders to an auc-tion and then to butchery. It is important to look at the increasing number of undesirable horses and to control the horses' flows to our allotments.

Available for adoption - Boone, NC

Since its foundation in 2004 HH has placed several horses for life. The adoption of a stallion can be a very worthwhile adventure. The North Carolina Horsesavvy has several horses, some can be ridden, others as companions. We have many horses at all times, as well as lots of loving and camaraderie and a place where they can find a home.

Take a look at our present members of the household and see one of our dedicated horses in North Carolina.

Free, Rescue & Re/Home Horses

I' ll add horses as soon as possible. The " Free, Rescue & Re/home " horses quickly adopts through you all to their beautiful new home. FORYI-For the FREE horses I do all the work pro bono, without commissions or tolls. One of my rewards is the successful placement of these horses in eternal houses where they can be lucky and sane.

In the laboratory reported that the surgery edges are free of proofs of the tumour, and therefore it is free of cancers! After a few adaptation workouts, horses with one eyes get along quite well and keep practicing for tournament, show jumper and track rides. He' a powerful and friendly steed.

He' s got a seat on his back, but we haven't rode him yet. Presenting him with the technique of nature's equestrian art, we believe it will be a marvellous new way for him. He' a friendly, willing to learn stallion. Gradually we introduce him to the other horses and observe the dynamic.

FREE! "Tabitha " Tabitha is so cute and simple! He will be a really secure and comfortable lightweight saddle as soon as she recovers from her wounds. Please ask for more information. Intelligent, stable and secure, secure, secure, secure! Proud of full education at Flare and Clarity Performances horsesales. Just in the shed for a whole afternoon, and look how calm and lovely she is!

Beautiful on the floor, courteous and simple. She has been used on a Trail String/Guided Trail Ride recently, so she is very good on trail with beginner and newcomers. Are you looking for an easier ride, trail, company, children's leash and/or therapeutic horses, here it is! Intelligent, stable and secure, secure, secure, secure.

Get in touch with Clare: Ride on the premises and in the Round Pen: Independent school in Round Pen: "This is one of the most beautiful horses I've ever met. This is the intangible, "one in a million", "worth its price in gold" equine. Horseback ride tape says it all.

He' s maintenance-free and hung out in the fields. He looks great under the yoke? Dear, dear this steed! He' s cute, sure, healthy, extremely skilled, very diverse. Becomes an excellent for training, westerns, trail, companions, best friends, and/or all of the above. Beneath the yoke with Clare Up: Free School in Dressur Tack:

Independent school in Western Tack: Nude free school: "We are proud to offer our "Peaches and Cream" and fully trained to be sold with Clare and Clare Performances horsesales. She' s as cute as she' s cute! It is very light to use on the floor. He has a lot of practice and time.

She has also done some track practice and likes to make small/gymnastic leaps and overhangs. Horse riding, Western riding, hunting, Pony Club, trails. Comfortably barefooted and with individually adapted Trailboots. She' a simple nurse and she' s a hunky! Under Saddle Clare Up Peaches: Clare Up: Western Free School in Western Tack:

She was Peaches Free School naked: "She is" "Stella is verdant, has good grip (especially for her age), is clingy, gets along well with other horses, is willing to begin under horseback, but my veterinarian advises her another 9 - 12 month before horseback ride, but OK to begin to work.

We' re looking for a home forever with someone who has baby education or a good coach. I think it will be quite simple to get started under the seat. and on the basis of the work I have done with her. "She needs an expert adoptive who is willing to practice under the saddle or work with an expert coaches.

It is good to guide and to be prepared by someone who knows horses but still has to start under the seat. We' ve worked with her over the past few months and although she didn't have a seat on, her floor manner has changed a lot and she does a lot of preparatory work.

" Many thanks to Valerie and Fox Equine Reserve for their generous support, for the adoptions and care of Stella and many other very happy horses. Only $350 for this cute filly! Our salvation began in 2012 after we learned that many good, usable horses are kept in less than perfect circumstances and many more are auctioned for apparently easy causes because their owner has no experience with horses or because the horses have a problem (such as breeding, buck or not being obeying under the saddle).

It is our aim to rescue as many horses as possible and to restore them to an eternal home for sponsoring, amusement rides or adopt. Full education to work with Clare and Claarity for selling horses. Exzellenter husband equine Prospect! Surely Pyramus has been around the pad and is an adult, without the courage of a younger one.

That must make him under the yoke. As you can see from the tape, he has an astonishing "rocking horse" gallop! At the moment Pyramus is barefooted, but would be more convenient with front footwear or equestrian jackets. Administered, it should feel at ease when you ride lightly in the stadium or on the track. Lucky to be in a stable or on the pastures with other horses.

Please ask for more information and/or to make an appointement. "Sierra " Beautiful, clever and well-trained on the floor and in the saddles. She is a great Trailhorse with great legs and a stable framework, dedicated and vigilant and walks in front, in the center or behind.

It rushes free and follows in freedom (see videos). Used as a lunging mare and at the top in daily playing games and competitions with a 12-year-old newcomer. "Poppy " Currently in full education to work with Clare and Claarity for selling horsesales. The Poppy will be a great ranch, arena and/or trail hippo.

He' s a very good "hard stop/whoa" under the yoke. It was great in the shed and just with other horses. But under this man-made chaos is a cute, delicate person who seeks to be good and co-operative. He' s clever and needs an expert rider who is friendly and sympathetic, but solid and consistent Rockfest with affirmative strengthening of secure and proper limits.

He' s acting good under the col with Clare. Trailer ring from Louisiana, veterinarian service, food, education, blacksmith: That really makes sense. We' d like to put that back in Alex' bag so she has the money and the capacity to save more horses in need. He/she needs a good home with much loving and caring, and other horses, pref. small ones.

He is very kind, but he' s got no workouts. It' love to be with other horses, but it gets my broodmares going, which is why I sell it. It must be with other horses or pets. The city of Paris is very cute and cute! A very rectilinear and light to handle, quite characteristic for a thoroughbred filly.

It' light in the barns. Independent school at the fall of the Wall: Nude free school: "He' s very cute. Somebody will be very happy to have such a cute, pretty, well-bred child at such a low adoption-cost. Somebody will be very happy to have such a cute, pretty, well-bred child at such a low adoption-cost.

He is a well versed Trailhorse, which is rode for years in the Marinvorland, and also Pt. A ground work specialist who reacts with concentration and attentiveness, leading to a formidable relationship with his horseman under the saddle.

He is a sturdy, philanthropic animal that will take you anywhere. Proud of full education at Clare and Clare Performances horsesales. Just in the shed for a whole afternoon, and look how calm and gentle she is! Beautiful on the floor, courteous and simple. She has been used on a Trail String/Guided Trail Ride recently, so she is very good on trail with beginner and newcomers.

Are you looking for a lightweight ride, trail, accompanying, children's leadline, best friend and/or therapy rider, here she is! Intelligent, stable and secure, secure, secure, secure. Ride on the premises and in the Round Pen: Independent school in Round Pen: "Otis " "Because of the decreasing medical problems I have to move this beautiful pup-dogs, cute, lightweight young.

Not a lot of work for this pensioned kid, easy driving by easy driver OK. He' s on pasture with 2 other horses and seems to get along with everyone he's hit in the last 4 years of my possessions. It was a coach pony, a teaching pony for children and a great walking pony.

" Clare's note: He' s very soft and calm, easily workable and rideable. It will be a marvellous accompaniment, gentle ridin, therapeutical, children leash, gentle track, best friends of the horserad. At Clare and Claarity Performances Horsesales Lazlo will train fully for 3 months: for full relaxation, condition and re-entry under the horseback.

The first ever presentation of our series: Claarity Performances Horse Rescue-Proudly: He wanted an "all around", lower performer, and that's what he became. Cute and simple to use on the floor. Lazlo's landlord, who was not able to afford the food, left him to the stable director (a friendly, loving and sympathetic person), who could not provide financial assistance to Lazlo himself and had to put him into horsestar.

One of the friendly "earth angels" in his barns approached CPHS, and of course it was imperative that he be adopted by Clarre. Immediately she went into the "weight gain" modus, condition and shine: with which she had a lot of experiences and became very good. Eighteen or sixteen and Lazlo looks like another one.

If he weighs and has muscles for a few month, the kid's good to ride. He' was educated by an Adult/Amateur and will make one of you Adult Amateurs out there a happy one for a best friends, all about equitation. He is kind and cute, with people and horses.

He' s just in the shed, no trucks. Independent school in Round Pen: Your stallion on the meadow or in the garden? Adriana, her daugther, is a mad horseman, and her birthdays are imminent. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to ask for it. FREE! Has been seen this sunday by Dr. Steere from the Artaurus Veterinary Clinic, has been dewormed and is currently separate from the other horses for hey and supplement.

Maybe with the right grooming she could be a great rider, although of course her goodness and wellbeing are in the foreground. We will post more horses in need as soon as possible!

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