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Locate your new horse or pony in our Tennessee Ads. The Tennessee Bunker and he' s a kid. Well, we saved his mother, Annie, from a battle auction in April. When we saved her, we didn't know she was expecting, but it soon became clear at our sanctuary. We sent out a post last weekend asking for funds to save three valuable lifes in danger of ending up in the battleline.

We were able to salvage them thanks to your quick intervention and they are doing well at our animal sanctuary. Maultier and Molly are neutered, and Molly the ass is just a treasure. We sent an emergency Facebook enquiry this mornings about a steed that would end up at a battle sale if we didn't salvage it.

$450 for her, which is less than what a hit purchaser would have paid at an anuctions. She' s at our kennel now and she' s beautiful. We have been running auctions for years and will keep doing so, but if we have the chance, we want to rescue as many horses as possible before the killing buyers/dealers get them.

Rescue from the auctions is the last real thing to do to save the horses from being transported to the slaughterhouse, but the horses often fall ill with terrible illnesses during the auctions, and they suffer much unnecessary strain during the auctions. Rescue them before they are sent to an auctions is better for the horses. We' ve saved five more horses today.

We' re an open retreat and we' re not turning away from horses. If they are said "No, we can't help your horse", they have very few possibilities and the purchasers are the ones who benefit from it. When Jason and Tawnee had collected them, Tawnee made a tape of them being rescued as they drove back to the pound.

Those 5 horses came in without any money and it took over 4 hrs to bring them to our kennel.

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