Fun Saddle Pads for English

Funny saddle pads for English

Favorite articles for saddle pads. I' ve got four of these wonderful, funny pads now! All around FASHIONHORSE pads have a hard-wearing black webbing to prevent fraying. We have added soft, multicoloured flower fleece for the look. Upholstered saddles in funny designs.


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pads for a pony saddle

We' re in New Holland, PA, in the middle of the Arabian state. Our after sales services are available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm. We' re happy to hear from our clients, so if you are ever around, we would be happy to see you in private.

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To those looking for gifts from the convenience of home (or read this on their cell phone while they wait in the checkout lines), I present the marvelous and fun designs from Ran-Dom Designs Custom Saddle Pads. These saddle pads came to me by accident when I was exploring Facebook pages for small companies that specialize in handmade riding equipment.

Ran-Dom Design's missions are to "help the discerning equestrian rider riding with color," and they don't let you down! As a fool for anything that would spice up another convulsive tackle cast, I took a look at the cloth samples and saddle pads; it wasn't long before I found design that I needed to have.

Contacting Shannon Vassallo, the Ran-Dom Designs proprietor and designer, I asked her for an interface to help me understand the inspirations behind her work. DE: What made you begin making these individual saddle pads? As a " thank you " gift I gave the girls who worked for me as advisors little pads.

SV: I provide English general purpose and dressage upholstery, English Trail upholstery, westerns saddle pads, Sox bridles, saddle pads, saddle supports and have projects to expand in the near term. The English upholstery is available in either rectangular or moulded form and in 3 sizes: bangs, regular and extra large. Westerns Pads are manufactured to meet the precise dimensions of your current Pads to provide a secure fitting.

We also make customized orders to solve problems that can't really be solved by the pads we buy in the store: high waist, swingback, wide back that needs a longer key length, very front saddle straps, etc. How did you react to your saddle pads? SV: My clients began with my close ones; many of them were testing the "First Run" pads for me and gave me great feedbacks about what worked and what didn't.

It was a great resonance, and I'm so glad about it. It feels very much consecrated and humiliated by the overwhelming feedback from everyone. Can' t wait to see my steed with his tailor-made saddlecloth. Are you interested in ordering a saddlecloth for you or your beloved ones, please get in touch with Ran-Dom Designs on Facebook!

With a myriad of cloth designs and styling choices - whether you want a light and bold saddle mat or an individual cut for your raised saddle - there's something for everyone.

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