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Gaited Palomino ApHCC registered filly. Color: black, markings: white mark on forehead. Explore Trail Horses sold in British Columbia, Canada, on America's largest horse marketplace.

Buy, trade and discount with Canada's number 1 local classifieds.

Receive an alarm with the latest gaited horses in British Columbia. Full brown/black without whites, 16 hands, six year old Gelding, good looking Foxtrot, big and muscle looking horses with proper walking frame, since three years riding, but not on trail.... The Toby is a wonderful sterling-silver chocolate Rubian gelding that has been brought from Tennessee.

He' s recorded and chic because they love to study new things and see the canvas! TWH Chiestnutwallach 15.3hhh for sale. He' s taken several equestrian campings, crossed river, bridge and is great at depth....

Tennessee - Walks horses for sale

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Breed: Colour: BuckskinMarkings: Breed: Colour: Breed: Colour: Breed: Colour: Colour: Colour: Silver-DappleMarkings: Date of birth:2003-4-2Height:15.0 hhRegistration: Breed: Colour: Breed: Colour: PalominoMarkings: Breed: Colour: BlackMarkings: Date of birth:1996-5-14Height:16.1 hhRegistration: Breed: Colour: BlackMarkings: Breed: Colour: Further markings: Breed: Colour: Chestnut markings: Date of birth:2007-4-4-4Height:14.1 hhRegistration: Breed: Colour: Date of birth:2011-5-7Height:15.0 hhRegistration: Breed: Colour: BrownMarkings: Breed: Colour: Date of birth:2002-4-2Height:15.1 hhRegistration: Breed: Colour: BlackMarkings:

Date of birth:1996-1-1-1Height:16.1 hhRegistration: Breed: Colour: Colour: Colour: Colour: TobianoMarkings: Date of birth:1995-5-15Height:15.1 hhRegistration: Breed: Colour: RoanMarkings: Date of birth:2003-1-1-1Height:15.1 hhRegistration: Breed: Colour: Date of birth:2004-7-1Height:15.2 hhRegistration: Breed: Colour: Colour: Colour: Colour: BlackMarkings:

Travelling in Tennessee

According to the CLANADIANAN ANIMAL PEDIGREE ACT, the vendor of an intact breed is obliged to issue the purchaser with a properly transmitted registration certificate within six month after the date of sale.... Good broken to be ridden, no nasty manners. It'?s Lissa Townsend, Lord@xplornet. com or 403-828-7294 Cophrane, AB.

#3939 #3939 #3939 ( Uphill Heir Trigger x Alanza Jewel ) - Annual foal, classical suede without leather, Halftertrainiertes, soft, easily to grasp and grip footbed. Especially a hiking and mountaineering horses, has worked cows and is very fast. It'?s Lissa Townsend, Lord@xplornet. com or 403-828-7294 Cophrane, AB. Three hours, broken, three-speed, with a great gallop.

Fits well with other horses, not dominant or dominant. Gentle, simple to use, charge and adjust. Functions happy trailer & arenas. STEEL TOOL SAFETY steel tool safety harness with British mudguards and stapes.

It'?s a very convenient trip. Jennifer Bauer's GAITED HORSEMANSHIP - 31 August, 1 and 2 September, at the Discovery Ranch Arena, Grenfell, SK. the canadian' event will be held on 1, 2 and 3 september and take part in a brand new TWH at the almond arena near ponoka, AB, featuring in-hand and under riding lessons, evaluation lessons, amusement lessons and other events not typical of a typical show.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the health and fitness of all horses mentioned. Every Horse promoted on this website is directly for sale by the Proprietor or his representative, who is the solely person in charge of any sale or any sale of it. whhn accept the advertisements as posted and shall not be held accountable or answerable for any misrepresentations in connection with any sale or equestrian activity.

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