Gaited Trail Horses for Sale

Horses Gaited Trail for sale

High quality, safe beginner and family horses for sale, specialized in Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses. Explore Gaited Horses sold on America's largest horse marketplace. Walking, gentle, Missouri Fox Trotter gelding. We at G&G Flatshod Farms make every effort to equip the buyer with the horse.

Ridden on paths and down the street and did all kinds of arena work.

Horses Gaited Trail for sale

All our horses are equipped with a satisfaction guarantee. Quality, value and honesty are the basis of our programme and the essence of our name. Possession and operation of a familiy with over 20 years of experience. Looking for a Trail Partners? When you have difficulty overcoming "anxiety problems", Silver is definitely the right person for you!

The unbelievable 6-year-old 15.3h gelding is just right for you! The tall fellow is as soft as a sheep and an excellent homeowner! He' s a great mount for a horseman just getting started. Riding more slowly, more calmly and not in a rush, he is the kind of horseman who immediately makes a novice or jittery horseman feels secure.

It is an ideal option for a shy or beginning horseman, a familiar for the first or anyone who wants to experience a sound, well-trained trail horses that not only cares for you on the trail and looks good! She is an experienced, long-serving trail dog and she is about as kind as the whole town is!

No spy in her and she knows where to place her legs as she judges every single miles she walks with wisdom.... always carefully and confident. That' a really funny trail girlfriend... I think she really loves to see the whole wide open space as much as we do!

"The " Delightful Sun Shaker" alias Shaker is a classic Tennessee Walking Horse with all the wonderful qualities that make this breed so special! He' s a gorgeous stallion - elegantly balanced. Registered Tennessee Wallk Horses Wallace out of the great lines of Midnight Sun, Suns Delight, Mack Ks Handshaker and Marshall Dillon.

No matter if with his horsemen over a river or along cliffy paths - he is always steady and sure-footed. The 4-legged Shaker is the boyfriend who takes good look after his horseman and will soon be a faithful companion for a happy new owners! Astounding 6 year old 6h strawberry roan gelding, this high end trail saddle is perfect for any riding style, even shy novices!

Unbelievable Trail Horses in the HGF way!

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