Galloper Horses for Sale

Horses Galloper for sale

Peter Morley, who has been in the race horse indication industry since 1995, is one of only a few individuals whose only job is the distribution of race horses. Peter Morley, who has been in the racing horse indication trade since 1995, is one of only a few individuals whose only occupation is the distribution of racing horses. For over fifty years, his customers have been joining him in the winning circle since he began to syndicate racing horses 21 years ago. Several of these customers from his early financial years are still with him today..


Every year over 70% of the Benhus athletes constantly complete the first five places and receive a check for their owner. If you buy a stock on a "Belhus horse", you will receive a stock on a high-quality young animal that meets our stringent eligibility requirements. You get all the usual "owner privileges" on the competition day, such as standing on the assembly courtyard with the coach and Jockey before the competition for the conversation tactic, reserved seats in the owner's area.

It'?s the right game with a pony.

It'?s the right game with a pony. Whatever your question is or what you need to do when you look at the horses, we have the competent guidance you need to make sure it is as straightforward as possible. Conformity between owners and horses is of great importance and there are many things to consider when looking for a new Friesian.

All your needs and desires are taken into account to ensure that we find the best for you. There is also a special coaching program to help you bring your horses to the right levels. The horses Galopers sells are all clinical and can be x-rayed on request.

Besides the Gallopers line we also sell friezes from other strains. For more information about our horses and the available choices, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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