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Gatekeeper's lodge riding caps

Torhaus Chelsea Air Flow Pro Suedette Crystal Riding Hat. Torhaus Chelsea Air Flow Pro Suedette Crystal Riding Hat. Beautiful elegant, light riding cap.

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A new gatehouse HS1. Characteristics Detachable, wash-able inner layer. Caution for ex display - see picture cap has scratch on one side. Has Info Gatehouse Chelsea Air Flow Pro Matt The Chelsea Air Flow Pro riding aid is certified to PAS015 2011. Offering a sleek, stylish tread, light and fully vented with extra liners for added shelter.

Its slender, stylish tread is very light and aerated. In order to achieve the best possible fitting, Liner is available in various sizes, which are water-repellent, fast and dry. These skulls have a high-quality four-point belt made of genuine leathers and a Gatehouse AA gelcoat. Only once used in a hospital was kept in a cap pouch Looks new No traces on the inside or outside out.

Gray Gates Home Riding Cap.


There are a wide selection of hats in all shapes and dimensions, includes head hats and velvety hats from manufacturers: Charles Owen's classy Eyr8 takes the course by surprise, with Ellen Whitaker, the leader, turning her head every step of the way into the ring.

This flat hat features stylish microfiber velour leather side parts combined with a meshwork center to maximize airflow through the 12 vents to create the ultimate blend of sophistication. Designed for the horse rider, the slim hat uses the latest technology in thermal regulation for hats to keep the wearer's mind cold.

Featuring revolutionary GRpx(TM) grip mechanism, the flexible buckle provides a firm and safe grip. In order to obtain a full appearance, the strap is matched to the special colors within the assortment. A further stitched embroidery on the back of the crest replaces the conventional strap.

Featuring silvery high-tech iconic finishes, the super-soft browband provides integrated anti-microbial and hygienic odour-free wear. Made of the most exquisite fine finely crafted velvets, Fiona's Hut shows the sleekest dimensions of our protective helmet assortment and is equipped with the new SLIMS-capability. The vents are subtly shrouded in smooth velvety and the ultra-flat buckskin tableware provides an extremely stylish allure.

There is a wide selection of cap silk available at Capz, IV Horse, Shires, Champion and Woodlodge. Quatered, sport, star, pom-poms, simple crayfish, and velvets available. Huttaschen by Charles Owen, John Whitaker and Shires.

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