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Gatekeeper's Lodge Riding Hats

Gatekeeper's Lodge Riding Hats from Ride-Away In the last three years Gatehouse has developed high performing riding hats with security, convenience and driver well being. Gatehouse's riding cap range comprises both head and peak caps, meets the requirements of Bete certification and is manufactured with EPS Liner and is continuously enhanced with each product series. Gatehouse has the widest range of Snell E 2001 and PAS O 15 2011 standards currently available around the world. Make sure you have the greatest possible level of safety and convenience with the high quality Gatehouse riding caps available here at Ride-away.

Conquest MK II gatehouse riding helmet Suedette

Keeps the large sleek tread of the Conquest large, light and stylish as you are used to from all Gatehouse hats. It has a new umbrella and a quick-drying cushioned lining that can be washed out. It complies with PAS 015 2011, VG01, and is certified according to PAS 015 2011.

It' ideal for both competitive and recreational sports, with the exclusion of Nordic Cycling. For the Conquest MKII, the PAS 015 2011 security standards are placed on the detachable corona lining and below on the EPS.

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A new gatehouse HS1. Characteristics Detachable, wash-able inner layer. Caution for ex display - see picture cap has scratch on one side. Has Info Gatehouse Chelsea Air Flow Pro Matt The Chelsea Air Flow Pro riding aid is certified to PAS015 2011. Offering a sleek, stylish tread, light and fully vented with extra liners for added shelter.

Only once used in a hospital was kept in a cap pouch Looks new No traces on the inside or outside out. These skulls have a high-quality four-point belt made of genuine leathers and a Gatehouse AA gelcoat. Its slender, stylish tread is very light and aerated.

In order to achieve the best possible fitting, Liner is available in various sizes, which are water-repellent, fast and dry. The Gatehouse Riding Cap. Sizes 1-55 like sen on Huttasche too, and it has pictures.

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