Gentle Carousel Miniature Horses for Sale

Soft carousel miniature horses for sale

Soft carousel miniature therapy horses. He' also a very gentle gelding. You will find some horses for sale that would make great therapy horses. It was a wish expressed by the team of Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, a non-profit organization based in High Springs, Fla. We are proud to donate part of the proceeds from the sale of these models to Gentle Carousel so that they can continue smiling wherever they go!

Soft carousel miniature horse therapy

The Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapie Horses is an award-winning non-profit organization that celebrates 20 years of use. Small horse crews attend over 25,000 adult and child visits each year to clinics, hospital programmes and with family, veteran and first aid workers who have suffered trauma. -WHAT DO THE TRAINING HORSES DO FOR WORK?

Soft carousel miniature therapy horses alleviate people' s misery in a time of disaster, force, trauma and bereavement with the help of well-trained horses, voluntary workers and the generous support of giver. Horses also work with health workers in the fields of cancer, ICUs, as well as with work, language and physiotherapists.

Within the framework of therapeutic crews, the horses assist horses with stroke, trauma to the brains and spine, amputation and burnings. You have many possibilities to help Gentle Carousel miniature therapeutic horses.... from donation to volunteer work, from sponsorship of the work of a single therapeutic animal to the purchase of the necessary accessories from our wishfulelist.

Soft Carousel Miniature Therapie Horses Messages. He may be the smallest gentle carousel mare, but he's got a big outlook. Experience the adventure of the therapeutic horsescout! Gentle Carousel's therapeutic horses are backed by individuals like you who want to help make your dream come through. What is your favourite miniature therapeutic animal?

Solve the puzzles on our funny Gentle Carousel game! The horses we treat have their own personality. Learn about each and every one of our horses and how it changes their life. He works with grown-ups and kids in hospitals or hospices, in sheltered housing programmes, in libaries with Gentle Carousel's Reader Is Magics programmes, with kids who have particular needs and are popular at educational and alphabetization activities.

Amazonzinggrace works with grown-ups and kids in the hospitals and with first aiders. Amazonin' Gracie was borne when the horses were working after the Charleston cataclysm. Anhem is a therapeutic stallion in school. At Ronald McDonald Houses he worked with young and grown-up clients in a rehabilitation clinic.

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