Gentle Horse Training

Soft horse training

The training methods of the horse are as varied as the horses and their attendants who train them. Since horse owners are looking for non-violent alternatives to training their horses, Missy Wryn's Gentle Horse Academy is launching online courses to meet the demand. View contact information and details about Missy Wryn, Gentle Horse Trainer.

Soft horse training - remind yourself of your habits.

There is a basic change of approach within the horse manufacturing sector to weaken the powerful horse training techniques and integrate more gentle techniques in appreciation of the horse's sensitive natures. Whilst the swing from the use of violence, grief and equipment changes to more device-friendly techniques, professional horsesmiths and vets struggle with ill-bred animals because of the so-called "animal mentality" that some horse breeders have adopted.

It is not that bad that your horse is your pets, as I have already said, but as horse owner we have the responsibilities to educate our horse so that it respects humans and is a safe animal for all who deal with and/or attend our horse. The use of gentle horse training techniques involves spending a lot of effort, endurance and gain without the use of nutrition, but it does not abandon the lineage that the horse must have at any given moment.

Teach yourself how to gently develop your horse into good habits by viewing the FREE Whole Horse movie below: or call (888) 406-7689 for FREE.

Soft horse training does not mean Wimpy - The No. 1 for horse farms, stables and horse backers.

If you are gentle and gentle with your horse, he will attack you" or "You are too weak with your horse, they will not honor you". but I' m here to tell you that gentleness to your horse doesn't mean you're a pussy or you have to be a pussy.

Gentle, sympathetic leaders are what your horse wants - note that I told the leaders. You horse is genetic connected in such a way that it needs a head of your flock at all time, even in your flock of two, you and your horse. As long as you show that you are the head of your horse's flock and that you keep this flock leading, you can be gentle, affectionate and I also give encouragement for you to kiss and hug, all with a gentle, sympathetic temper.

To be a herder is to behave like a horse that evokes the intuition of your horse to recognise you as its herder. If I am working with a horse for the first want, I am establishing my lead by performing a holistic connection (not to be mixed up with Round Penning or Join-Up) - see for FREE how to perform a holistic connection on YouTube at

It' about checking your horse's legs in a herdleader-like way by calling on your horse's instincts to identify you as their herdleader. Once you've set up your pedigree, it's simple to keep it up by setting your horse sound limits - to find out more, check out the FREE Whole Horse Training videos on YouTube at

It' s a legend that we as human beings have to use strength, domination and sorrow to dominate a horse. The real wish to truly adore and be adored is for you and your horse of course, you just have to know to be the head of your horse's flock, which is as easy as the one who moved the other's legs first has complete command.

For over 90 horse training video clips, check out Missy's YouTube on International acclaimed horse-whisper and member of the Association of Professional Humane Educators, Missy Wryn provides extensive horse training, horse administration and efficient communications workshop, clinic and presentation throughout the nation and at her Zen Barn in Estacada, Oregon.

She is the creator of the famous "free for viewing" TV show Training the Whole Horse and Starting Under Saddle, as well as the creator of HorseMAREship and DO NO HARM Productions.

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