German Dressage Ponies for Sale

dressage ponies for sale

Here is the list of all current German riding pony horses in our horse market. Equestrian pony jumping dressage. You will find talented dressage horses with very good movement, which come from renowned stud and trainer in Germany. We welcome advertisements from registered or registered ponies. A dressage pony for adult amateurs.

Deutsche Reitponys - North America Public Group

SALE ("after weaning"). German riding foal, b. May 2018; he was produced by Section B Monsh Punter by RosMel's Notorious, and out of a 13.1h half Worldsh, Westphalia NA marebook filly, Welbreds Ruby's Dream. Her mother is an all-round sportsman and has successfully participated in all events (hunter, fighter-derby, versatility, etc.) and has always placed at the top of the divisions, as well as in y....ear-end distinc...

The Ellemenno is a darkbrown filly that will ripen into a medium-sized bangs that can stand out in any age group. At the Westphalia NA he is recorded as a German riding stallion, microchiped and labelled, and he is also entitled to half a Welsh registry (***pending).


Owner and operator is Klaus Biesenthal with Kathryn Barry as dressage instructor. The main emphasis of Bell Oaks is the breeding of large American sport ponies and small American warmblood sport horses with large, accurate courses suited for adult and child horses. There are several studs on the yard, the most beloved of which is the German pony Makuba.

He is a 2011, 148 cm tall colt by Makuba out of Brittany by Brynarian Briton (Welsh Cob Sec. D) and NASPR certified. He is ATA, AWR and NASPR certified, and ISR Old NA. Deutsches Reitpony. It is registered with the Verband of Pony and Small Horse Breeders Hannover, NASPR and AWR, ISR Old NA, RPSI, Weser Ems and AWS.

Jupe Farm Brown Summit, NC

The German ponies, also known as sport ponies, are between 13.2 and 14.2 with the body, the motion, the rideability as well as the horse character to shine in the dressage, show jumper, versatility and combination horse carriage competitions. At a 1965 conference of German breeders' federations, a Dutch New Forest breeders talked about the need for bigger ponies for the increasing number of youngsters.

As a result, the bred ponies began to breed a bigger one. American ponies were bred by Europeans who import ponies from Britain, mainly Welsh, to breed them with small Arabs, Anglo-Arabians and warmbloods. As early as 1975, certain horse dressage styles became known in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. Registers such as Weser Ems, Hanover, Schleswig-Holstein and Westphalia have set up registers of ponies.

In the mid-70s, as a consequence of this meticulously run programme, the German riding style of riding piano began to climb to the top of the global arena. In order to be included in the ISR/Oldenburg NA Register, a bangs must be of the advanced sports bangs types and be recorded with a recognized sports bangs race (including Connemara, Haflinger, New Forest, Welsh, and Oldenburg).

Non-registered broodmares of the Sportpony breed can also be admitted for breed. After they have passed the licensing, they can be licensed for life; if they have successfully passed an intermediate examination or are very competitive, they can be licensed for life. More information about the ISR/Oldenburg NA Register and suitability for ponies can be found at

The ponies and small ponies in Jovee Farm's stud programme have been tested and recorded by ISR/Oldenburg NA and/or another recognised sports register (Westphalian, Welsh or Half-Walisian).

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