Gersemi (Old Norse "treasure") is the daughter of Freyja and Óðr and sister of Hnoss in Nordic mythology. The Gersemi brand is the equestrian fashion brand with a passion for style, quality and function. Valkyr Gersemi Skin is a deluxe skin for Valkyr that visually returns Valkyr to its original look before the Zanuka project. Noun [edit]. gersemi f (genitive singular gersemi, nominative plural gersemar).


Women's Gersemi riding clothes for sell

The Gersemi Elissa coat - sleek and elegant, perfect for the change able season, combines a topstitch coat with a vest for exchangeable fashions. This Gersemi Elissa coat has a soft padded sleeve for added heat and removable sleeve for the best ever trendy vest transformations. An excellent Equestrian short style coat by Gersemi in aWoman's size XS.

These jackets are very nice and comfy! Some very small, bright patches on the blank part of the sleeve are hard to find (and photograph), but I wanted to highlight them anyway. They'll probably rinse out when I clean the coat. Gersemi Full Sea Sigyn jodhpurs.

This jodhpurs is a complimentary low-rise look with front pocket styles. The Gersemi Abby coat is made of a fabric that is impermeable to water, wind and breath. Ideal for horse trekking and city fashion. Removable hooded pocket concealed in collars. Strechy and body-hugging with a beautiful front made of woven fabric and a back made of ripped and detailed woven fabric at the neckline, at the end of the sleeve and at the bottom seam.

There are two back and two front back pocket. They were described as follows: "These composite riding pants are perfect for competitive use, intelligent yet functional... The Sunna riding pants have contrasting seam along stitches and fabric knees. Riding trousers also include a collar with waist straps, Gersemi details on the back of the trousers, as well as two back pocket and Velcro at the ankle: "Will take international shipment into consideration.

goddess of beauty (nordic mythology)

Pretty girl of FREYA and OD, and HNOSS sibling. Their name ( "wealth" or "treasure") is used to describe something valuable or pretty. Holiday: Good/Bad Feedback: Item last modified on January 09, 2014 by Rowan Allen. Are we selling Gersemi graphics fiction, book, video or roleplaying game ( Roleplaying game )?

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