Gift for someone who Likes Horses

A gift for someone who likes horses

It is a gift that every horse lover would be happy about. HORSE CARD Every horse lover knows exactly where to buy equestrian equipment. A gift for an 11-year-old equestrian enthusiast? mounts I have a horsey niece. She' s crazy.

She has been on horseback since she was able to keep her equilibrium in the saddle; she has the textbooks, the playthings, the outfits.... I would like to get her something about horses, or - even better - actually useful or useful when I ride them, but I have no idea and would be appreciative of any suggestion just to make me think.

An entire new construction set would be cumbersome for air travel, but a few unique pieces would be easily transported or even a fanciful object, such as a ornamental hoof pick. There are always cool clothes for everyday use - a new ball cap with horsesogo, robust mittens for colder rides, a horse-like T-shirt.

Businesses like LL Bean have good, robust, simple clothes; on-line businesses like State Line Tack obviously have more horserack. There is a wide selection of articles to select from if she likes jewellery. When I was 10 years old, I used to ride horseshoe hooks rolled up into a ring and wearing straps with brassy name tags.

I took a while to get into the more mature jewellery, but I really appreciate these now. When she already has some of the serious equestrian gear, such as saddles and bridles or holsters and leashes, you can give her small name tags made of bronze to personalise her.

Once I got a gift from a non-horse relatives for a horseback riding on the shore. I just wow put an entry about there were no horny folks on here and then this came up at the same one! They can buy genuine lovely equine treats like candies for your equine and theyre in batches of flavours that are quite simple and inexpensive to buy and not too great also for travel. What's more, you can buy a lot of different flavours.

My favourite horses, my favourite are apples and peppermint, but also alcohol. Lve the concept of scrubbing kit items, mittens (one cannot have too many gloves), jewelry and equestrian festivities. She doesn't have her own "serious" gear yet and I could find a seat once I get there, but I want a gift for immediate delivery.

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