Gift Ideas for Horse Owners

Gifts for horse owners

Arab horse gift, personalized horse lover art with name, horse pet loss gifts, unique horse monument, horse owner sympathy gifts. With these gift ideas you can make birthdays and Christmas something special. Find more ideas about horse stalls, horses and horses.

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Gifts for horses, riders and their barns - The No. 1 for horse farms, stables and coaches.

They are available in stores and on-line in most large stacks. Santa Clauses with a smaller price can buy similarly designed footwear from other brands, such as Dublin, Middleburg and Ovation, for about 130 to 160 dollars. If you are on your gift roll and adore a pair of shoe with blings, Palm Beach has four lines of Swarovski Crystal.

They are available in selected stores,cluding Beval Saddlery (www.beval. com), and in stores for about $375. Asmar Equestrian's All White Cloak ( allows horsemen to enjoy the rainy outdoors. It' sold for about 320 dollars through fine equestrian stores. More and more manufacturers' tech equestrian cardigans and trousers are still trendy and available in all style directions and prices to please the driver on your gift lists.

Joules provides comfortable horse-like jerseys for the riders who can't get enough of a horse during the daytime. They are available for about $57 and are available in stores selling the Joules collection. If a smaller gift is more appropriate but you still want to give something more individual, a monogram canvas might be a good match.

Changing times of the year is always a difficult period for horse owners. MRoTEC ( au) has a range of sturdy ceilings with a panel of heat-reflecting materials (just think of the'Space Blankets' used by sportsmen for warming). Dampness escapes from the top of the rug, keeping the horse warm and warm at 20º to 60º.

Practical experience has shown that these ceilings are quite long-lasting and work well. Rambo Helix stall plate does twice the work. When the horse is dried, it acts as a separate leaf or layer, and it drains humidity to keep the horse moist when the horse is sweating or soaking.

Tailor-made garments are available from several producers for those who require more individual outfits. The Integrity Linens ( range includes rain gear, woollen draperies, sturdy quilts, bedspreads and quater quilts in a variety of materials, colours, designs and edgings. For a comparison of features and prices, see The Clothes Horse ( and Blue Ribbon Blanks ( for individual horse and canine apparel.

We have equestrian equipment for every budgets, every needs and every tastes. The" ordinary suspects" that are frequent but always used includes mittens, scarfs, hats, belt, harvest, stockings, helmets, spores and horse licks (always practical to ensure a cordial welcome). Featuring all the extravagant new stapes and fabrics now available, a couple of new stapes is a funny gift notion.

Favourite light weight DuPont technopolymer royal riders with two exchangeable padding; aluminium jin bars with an added width for added strength; and the new FreeJump Soft'Up Pro polymeric hangers with a flex outside twig and an open top.

A sturdy, light and glossy Fillis stirrup could make the Traditionalists love their holidays. If you are a rider transporting your own horse, how about becoming a member of U.S.Rider ( This national breakdown repair centre provides not only safety but also the breakdown of cars and horseboxes, repair, batteries, tyres and lock-outs, animal rescue and stables, as well as veterinarian and farriers' outreach.

A gift ticket from Equestrian Coach is an "accessory" for the willing learner that will surely please the most. Hands-on subjects are, among others, flexibility training for horse and horseback, overcoming anxiety, gymnastic skills, floor work, jumps and more. Do you have a horse that is diverted from the sound during competition?

It is an ideal product for those with delicate skins or for owners who do not want to use artificial substances. Espree ( has a range of naturally occurring insect repellents, detergents and toiletries for those who want a more traditional line of horse shampoo. Schoollicious Equestrian ( provides a wide range of equestrian and equestrian gift items (if you need a "pony and me" gift) that are free of preservatives, silicone and paraaben.

Select between shampoo, hair and tails conditioner and foot cream series. They are all available on-line and through some regional stackshops at a price that is competitively priced with "traditional" horse grooming equipment. Fibre bristles are always a nice gift that both the horse and its owners can savour every single one.

The Haas toothbrushes are made of naturally occurring material such as chocolate fibre, goats' and horsehair. On-line available in Reinhold's Horse Wellness Shop ( The Equifit T-Foam Agsilver stand packaging is a handy gift. A new gift is the Blue Ribbon Lap Warmer made of 100% Meltonwolle with plain mud.

Usually this luxury gift costs $185, but Blue Ribbon does offer a discounted vacation price. Obtainable from Blue Ribbon Blankets ( A pimple is a practical memento for picking hoofs when a horse comes off the switch. Create a main checklist of clean-up or embellishment/organization activities to be carried out and assign the work to them.

These are just a small selection of gift ideas - the options are unlimited.

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