Gift Ideas for Horse Racing Lovers

Gifts for horse racing friends

The HRN Logo T-Shirts & Hoodies are available in all sizes, for all Racing-Fans! We have horse racing gifts for every budget, from horse owners to oil millionaires. Fantastic ideas for horse racing fans. HRSe-RACING Gifts Talk Derby to Me. Presents for horse racing fans.

Horseracing Presents for Horse Racing Enthusiasts Giftware

If you find one-of-a-kind gift ideas for birthday and other events at Golden Moments, select a customizable, open-date gift certificate where the receiver can make his or her own selection. The Golden Moments Hunters staff has been looking for great gift ideas and great activity in the UK, Europe and beyond since 1999. Launch a chat now, we will be glad to help you.

The ultimate gift guide for the thoroughbred lover

An OTTB in stable colours brings a big face to your (or your friend's) face. Nice leatherneck. There is nothing cleverer than the look of a new holster with a glossy name tag made of bronze. I think your thoroughbred fancier will like it. Although she already has a leathern holster, a new one is a welcome complement to her saddlestud.

So if your boyfriend has a traditionally looking holster and you want to increase it by one level, you can click here to learn about myfavourite. And I was amazed that this holster lived through the fire. Doesn't your horse merit such a beautiful holster? Riders from all over the world enthuse about the advantages of the Back on Track product, which helps your horse to relax with more laid-back musculature.

If you own a thoroughbred like my horse Knight, you know how much pleasure it is when you are chill. About Is My Thoroughbred. One Horse Thread''American Thoroughbred Hoody's von One Horse Themes. Really, T-shirt or hoody, you can't goofy. Coming in a variety of colours, this all-purpose pod features the unmistakable logotype that tells the history of the race horse.

With ex-racehorse-happiness! Jockey Club's illustrated story of Horse Racing in America You can never have too many nice picture volumes about horses! When you want more ideas on Books for Horse Lovers, check out these posts from last year 9 Horse Titles for Holiday Gift.

Horse riding is a welcome enrichment for every horse enthusiast. C. W. Anderson illustrates horse literature from the 1940' to the early 1970'. The PBS full-blooded documentary: I' d like to tell a friend about Seabiscuit, but my assumption is that most hard-core full-blood lovers already have a movie that makes me a movie over and over again, so I chose a lesser-known one.

However, if you have a good reason why your thoroughbred fan doesn't own Seabiscuit, you certainly have to buy it. Mrs. willow biscuits for horses. Ritter ALOVES this one and every other horse I've ever given her to. Windbreed Vintage Print Cosmetic Bag. Contemporary racehorse painting.

Mayyk Equipe protective boot (for the horse). They are not only meant to keep your horse's valuable feet safe, but the business itself is fantastic! Ticket for the Lexington race project's yearly thoroughbred makeover. While you are there, take a walk through a thoroughbred breeder like WinStar, where I visited the renowned father of Knight and then a trip to the Old Friends Ranch.

The reassurance of an apprehensive belly is not a foreign word for us whole blood owner and lover. When your full-blooded boyfriend will be in a show or have a different life style (moving barn, new neighbours, etc.), an oz reduction is definitely a good heal.

Consult the coach of your thoroughbred boyfriend or a doctor you know he would like to join you for a horseback tour and make an appointment for one or more meetings. If you are in Southern California, I highly recommended the excellent photograph of Vanessa Hughes, alias Lady Photographic.

She' s taken several pictures of Knight and me and they' re excellent. and she took astonishing pictures of my former horse DC. The horse photograph has a dark backdrop. Once you have a beautiful picture of your boyfriend (or your own) favourite full blood, you can submit it to Lady Photographic, who will make the photoshop darker for you.

Framing a horse portraits with a dark backdrop is a breathtaking specimen for at home, at work or in the stable. See Knight's wallpaper in the holster above. Buying a thumbnail of your horse is a great gift for your horse lover.

If you want, you can issue a funny certification for your girlfriend, which shows that she is eligible for a royalty on her favourite horse. Give the Jockey Club name and/or your horse's Tattoos number to the whole family. Hand-painted full-blooded Christmas ornament. They can also have one of your friend's dogs made.

It would be a funny set: if someone would get me jewelry from my horse, Dobermann and Golden Reliever, I would be happy. When you or your boyfriend have all the items on this listing, there is one last suggestion - actually two - I assure you that you will own a thoroughbred: How about a vet gift card?

So what was the best horse gift you ever had? When you are not on my e-mailinglist for very important horse lovers, you should definitely register. Twice a months you will get an insight into new equine related inspirations. When you' re on community networks, you can find my full-blooded knight and me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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