Gifts for Equestrian Riders

Presents for Riders

Each rider has a preferred trainer or rider whom he adores. They are ideal for digging dirt and skin scales out of a horse's coat. I love you" says nothing to the rider like the gift of an Ecogold saddle pad.

Included in the Christmas gifts page.

Included in the Christmas gifts page. We proudly offer the most advanced equestrian equipment (helmets, spores, clothes, boots and other equestrian equipment). There' re plenty of good things for men and women. Hopefully this will help you find just the right present for your partner, friend, pal or other important people.

Or you can create your own Miss Shield. The trousers have quickly climbed to the top of the best-seller lists. They are so classy (thanks to the large pushing up effect) and convenient that the other makes have now brought out their own push-up and shape-up trousers. These genuine trousers are still very much appreciated in show jumper and also in the field of training.

This pant is the most used jodhpurs in all events. These trousers are especially loved for their sobriety. Also the full seated versions of these britches have just been released! This is a good option if you have always wanted to go with a secure present.

And who doesn't like free jumping Stirrup? Offer your driving buddies and your whole families security. Even better, if you already have these stapes, you can always buy them a new set in the new premium colors: We' re very happy about this new Freejump project. It' a new version of the famous Freejump stirrup program Freejump Pro.

A completely redesigned harness makes it a favourite with both riders in training and show jumper competitions. Our young and talented horse wear label will make you "unforgettable" in the ring. When your significant other is choosy and you are uncertain what to get the custom ridingboots from Tucci would be a lovingly present.

They are fully customisable and offer a look and feel that' s second to none. It takes about 6 to 8 week from order to shipment. So if you're still on the fences over those jackboots, continue reading. The CamBox HD camcorder is a great and well thought-out present for your gadget -loving family.

Horsemen like to observe and exchange their equestrian experiences. There is now a shock-absorbing stapes that looks like a conventional hunter's handle. Yes, that's what our clients say after driving in these stapes. Ergonomically shaped stapes are only for use in the Jägerring.

One of the best parts of the stirrup is the capacity of the cushion. When you are not sure about these stapes, give us a call. They are available for 2 non-binding week. LeMieux The LeMieux riding boot bag is an perfect present for every driver. It' also an economic present!

There are many pockets and a cushioned inside to keep the boot in place.

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