Gifts for Girls who like Horses

Presents for girls who like horses

These are some great gift ideas for children who love horses. They are fantastic horse gifts and are fun for all girls who love horses and ponies when they return to school. Gifts for children who love horses are perfect for any occasion!

Presents for horse-loving girls

I have a tall, horse-loving little maiden, my youngest child! Just about everything a stallion can do is play fairly in her work. As I know there are many other horse-obsessed girls out there, I thought I would be sharing some of my favourite gifts for horse-loving girls!

One can find just about anything a horseman can do. You will find packs, flasks, earrings, clothes of all kind, boardgames, computer plays, applications, ornaments, watches, covers, bed linen and much more about horses! Throughout the last few couples of years I have purchased a ton of things that are the bill of gifts for equine girls in my little girl's Iife.

The youngest of my daughters (currently 8 ) has been possessed by horses for several years. It has a backpack, a bottled soda, figures, a stamping kit, stockings, socks, pajs, jerseys, apps, ears, pens, wallets and so on, all with horses on them. These are some of my favourites you might want to consider for the horse-loving young lady in your world!

The Melissa & Doug Stable Stamp has been given to my girl for Christmas. Can' t tell you how many hrs were used to take photos of stalls, barn, pastures and horses with this one. She' s even adding horsestickers!

When you are looking for a funny boardgame for your equestrian enthusiast, then the stove Your Horses boardgame is just the right thing for you. With 55 full-color maps, 4 equestrian tiles, 42 adventurous maps, boards and dice, you can join the pack for 3 frantic quests.

Each pack contains 6 unrepeatable picture boards, 42 informative cards and bingo crisps. Horses of different races are offered on the Horse-Opoly Das Bord, while every title document tells the player a little about this race. During the match, the player can select whether to pay a deposit on either hey, saddles, horseshoes, trailers, oat bags or boots.

They' re buying barn and trading them for stalls as they try to become the wealthiest players in the match. The Hooray for Horses card pack is ideal for any age! There are 5 different card designs and 5 different card types to use. Horseracing Adventures for Nintendo Wii This pack allows your horse-loving gal to create her own personal bespoke ride.

Feeding and care for your horses. Store for new clothes, equestrian equipment and delicacies for your own brand. They are a favourite of my artisan-friends. We have a wide range of horses such as the Breyer My Dream horse custom full blood or the Breyer mare and foal kit.

Each of these horses is equipped with a beautiful brushed net and tail! There' are tonnes of equestrian T-shirts at Horses Maniac. Horses pyjamas have always been a big hits with my horse-loving girlfriend! This enchanting setting can be on its own or simply hanging on any of the walls and contains 10 genuine race carvings, each with true-to-life detail.

Mellissa & Doug Pasture Pals Here is a whole area with horses to go playing and collecting! Twelve different texturized horses are delivered with an ID code and stored properly in a wood cowshed. Decorate your head with horses, cowboyboys and more! Loving other equine articles: The Equine Science Pinterest Board for tonnes of equine activity, research units, and more!

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