Gifts for Horse Owners

Presents for horse owners

Are you looking for a great gift idea for a horse owner, but not sure what to get? Examine out these great gifts for horse lovers at Drs. Foster and Smith. Find more ideas about horse stalls, horses and horses. Presents for the horse lover.

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A must-have gift for new horse owners

Purchasing a horse is an exhilarating and stressful horse riding holiday for you. It is a time-consuming and emotive venture even under the supervision of seasoned horse-buyers. When the right horse comes, the hard-earned joyful watering is worth it. Have a look at our Must-Have product gifts page with choices for every price to find the ideal present for the new horse owners in your world.

To greet a new horse owners with a sack of goodies is like taking a stack of biscuits to a new one. Giddyap Girls Premium Horse Treatments contain naturally occurring substances such as limes, currants, carrots and turnip escalopes - as a bonuses they contain neither sugars nor cereals.

This snack also has the shape of 3 cloverleaves so that it is much more easily disassembled and shared with a pony or horse. The Weatherbeeta Super Deluxe Horse Grooming Carry-All - Large horse care bags like the Weatherbeeta Super Deluxe Tote can take up common things, and much more. Shoulders and carry grips make it impossible to carry and store with other types of brushmask.

Elegant Stack Shelf - Help new horse owners with a Deluxe BRIDLLE Bags from Exselle to keep their gear safe. The neck of a horse and equestrian gear is a very expensive effort that must be correctly clean and store in order to last long. The Exselle Zaumtasche has 3 straps for hanging harnesses or halter, a satined liner to avoid damaging leathers and is available in plain grey or classical check.

The Equine Stressball - Relocating to a new home can be a strenuous adventure for you. Like the Likit Boredum Buster, toys allow the horse to act and tamper with the toys to liberate or divert attention from fearful behaviour. It provides hour-long intellectual stimulus while offering a nourishing treat with vitamin C and E. Available in a wide range of flavours from apple to garlic, even the choosiest palette will find a taste they like.

At First Class Traveller Gear our first class service - It is very likely that your friend's new companion will have to cover a certain amount of ground with the caravan to get to their new home. To keep an eye on the security of your valuable freight, equip your new horse with a pair of Exselle Shipping Boats. Featuring remarkable features such as the sleek silk liner and sturdy heels, these shoes provide protection for the horse's feet.

A particularly convenient present for horsemen who are often on horse shows or on horseback, these boat jackets are available in black/silver or colourful green/tan and are laid out for a long life. High-marked cordless shearing machines - Quality shearing machines provide first-class care, but are also suitable for first aids for horses.

Every rider will appreciate the present of a well-groomed horse. Luxury calfskin, individual souvenir - A nice holster is a present with which every rider would like to top his horse. Equipped with an individually carved name badge, horse owners often find it a popular souvenir. Available in darkbrown or darkbrown, the padded holster provides additional comfortable and optimal fitting characteristics, such as padded shoulder strap and high-quality padded upholstery.

They will give them articles of the highest standard which they will appreciate and appreciate while training and pampering their new horse. Are you still looking for the ideal present for your horse lover?

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