Gifts for Horse People

Presents for horse people

Do you have a horse or pony at the top of your wish list? Finding a rider can be difficult if you are not a horse yourself. Horsey 8 Holiday gifts for the rider in your lifetime

Finding a rider can be difficult if you are not a horse yourself. When you are fighting to find the right present for the rider in your life, here are eight perfect present concepts that any horse enthusiast would be eager to welcome. Portraits (of her horse).

Horsemen are very sensitive to their heroes. Eventually, most people dreamt of having a picture or sketch of their horse hung over their coat or in another celebrity spot in the hous. When it is within your budgets, a horse profile is a great sensible present for a rider.

Photoshoot (also of your horse). Most riders have mobile telephones with images of their horse, but few have photographs taken professionally unless they were taken on a horse show. Rent a freelance grabber who comes to the barns and records the unforgettable moment "at home", and your present will be a big success.

Videomontage (You guess it....from your horse). When you have some elementary visual processing abilities, gather some of the rider's and horse's videoclips, select a piece of backgroundmusic that will tell your tale, and record it to a videodown. Inexpensive, this well thought-out present is sure to become a coveted asset.

It' a voucher for Tak. Whilst some people believe that present coupons or present tickets are somewhat personal, horsemen like them. If you know the precise Item, shape and colour of the tacks they need, a free greeting carte to their favourite horse stapling business is definitely the way to go.

Each rider has at least one object, from a pillow to a chest collar to dungbags, which he has had in mind for some time but has not bought because he has spent the ill. You can buy it with a greeting voucher, no feelings of debt! She subscribes to her favourite horse journal.

You never know everything when it comes to a horse. Whilst they primarily study from their ponies, they also study a great deal through their read. Ranging from general journals like Equus and Horse Illustrated to breeding and disciplinary journals like Saddle & Bridle, Western Horseman and Dressage Today, there are a dozen great horsejournals.

An annual pass for your favourite is a great present; you'll appreciate that you' ll help them be the best riders they can be. Meeting her favourite coach or horse. All riders have a preferred coach or horseman they adore. Even if they pass them at a horse show, they probably never had the guts to go and talk to that one.

The odds are also that the individual is very down-to-earth and modest and would like to speak to them if he did. You find out who this individual is and arrange a meeting. There is no way around it - horse shows are costly. When you know that the rider in your lifetime wants to go to a particular tournament but has no funds, paying the transport costs or stable fees is an ideal gift and a good way to help them make their dream come true.

Horse lovers also enjoy holidays, but their favourite holidays are still connected with them. You will find great horseriding holidays all over the globe, from deserts and safari trips in Africa to hunting foxes. Although bridle holidays are expensive, they make for thrilling, unique gifts. Even better, accompany the rider on the journey so that he can show you his passion for them!

A few other good idea are a Breyer custom design, horse jewellery, horse art or other home accessories, Christmas decorations or a westernsaddle (we are giving away just one!). When you can't give a horse this holiday season, these eight horse lovers present concepts are not far behind. Each of them will inspire the horse enthusiast in your lifetime.

Do you know any other horse-related Christmas gifts? Tell us your idea.

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