Gifts for People that Love Horses

Presents for people who love horses

It is always a great gift for young people because it informs and entertains. 10 Christmas presents for horse lovers When your vacation shoppinglist contains a wife who likes horseracing, you need a sure wager on a great present. "Normally, girls swap it," says modiste Christine A. Moore, who proposes to buy a voucher instead. Many merchandising items are horses or other types of equitation such as Polos, show jumpers or chestnut-hunts.

When your queen is more Del Mar than training, you should choose anything that represents a jockey, trail or champ horse. Coming to Keeneland with a goalpost, the Kentucky course loved by race enthusiasts everywhere. These bags are for the girls who don't have to promote their race credibility: who knows, knows.

Snuggle up with your Queens and experience some of the best times in motorsport with Zenyatta, Queens of Race, a feature-length film with all 20 events. also sells everything from Zenyatta badge holders ($179.95) to greetings postcards (starting at around $5) with the king of the game.

Lexington's South Hill Gallery designed a foulard with classical motives of horses, stacks and Keeneland's poles for the Breeders' Cup 2015 in Keeneland. Just as pretty as anything from Hermes (at a split of the cost), this shawl will capture a historical instant in a sports history-loving game. The Silverwood Gallery is one of the most stylish stores in Saratoga Springs, offering home accessories, jewellery and unique works of art.

Everything is available in the on-line store, but one of the "Saratoga" products you can find is this cushion in honor of the spa 150-year jubilee of the game. Dressing up for the course can mean an appearance that a decent set of high boots needs. San Francisco-based podologist Joan Oloff, however, has developed a range of high-style footwear with cushioning that spreads the load over the entire ankle and helps support the ankles.

Pack them in December (together with your tickets!) for a present that makes the first Saturday in May a little bit simpler. Here is one way to buy and sponsor the Saratoga National Museum of Race and the Hall of Fame: Three sculptural join-eyes and horses race to the target in this tin armband.

It is a unique jewel with a equestrian theme that is unique to the sport. You can customize the colour and finishing, as well as the look of the characters that make up the biggest name in the sport. For a long time, the Lane Stable Association has been naming its horses after Kentucky's renowned ghost, but now the creators Jamie Hill and Michael McMahon, in collaboration with Kentucky's Castle & Key Distillery, have brought a line of real bourbons (and rye) to the market.

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