Gifts for People who Love Horses

Presents for horse lovers

A great gift for a dog-loving person who is also a technical genius. Gifts for all horse lovers Everybody had this one thing that he couldn't get enough of as a child - the dinosaur, Star Wars characters, pogs - but one thing many little chicks had in common was a passion for horses. If you are a riding or-the pony maid or you have a boyfriend who is still collecting little china-pony' s, these gifts are perfectly suited for inclusion in the pick.

O My Gosh A-Line gown in horses ($59): These cute looking dresses are great for a nice sunshine out in the garden - or maybe even on the side-saddle. Now you ( or your beast) can gather in this comfortable pullover while you watch your favourite equine film. Hearts and Dot-horsescarf ('11'): Horseshoe necklace Ruby Lena ($36):

Maybe your boyfriend likes something more delicate to show his passion for horses? Not only is a minimalistic chain of horseshoes beautiful - it is also a sign of happiness. Hug Doodles wakes up, Hug Hors Youth T-shirt ($15): Do you have a young, horse-crazed young woman in your whole being? That tea would be great for any child who'd rather be in the shed.

The Mugville horses are like cup of tea ($15): This says a great deal about how your horse-loving beast might give up her early breakfast cup to keep horses in her orphanage. It is also ideal for the one who seems to have an encyclopaedic understanding of horses. Newest BuzzHorsEating Apple Mac laptop sticker ($14):

A Wonderful Word of Horses Colouring Book by Cindy Elsharouni ($12): Their beast can enjoy its nights as it did as a child - the colouring and dreaming of horses. EVERYTHING: EVERYTHING everything: everything from $20+ equestrian roll: happily roll: pins: horse roll: The stamping roll pushes sweet little horses into the pastry and makes it ideal for decoration of biscuits and cakes.

Bandido Brand Horsehorse Powertank Top ($44): Like the girlish strength, horsepower is a singular and powerful strength in every girl's world. Which other gifts on the subject of horses would you like to give or have?

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