Gifts for those who Love Horses

Presents for horse lovers

Are you looking for gifts for horse lovers in your life? The chances are good that they will find something they like, or something for their horse! Whatever the occasion, it is important to find a thoughtful gift for the person who receives it. This is a high-quality gift for you or your special person for the holidays!

rescue horse gifts and transmissions

Please ensure that you provide all your details: name and e-mail at the checkout so that we can be sure that we can send you your thank-you gifts. There is no need to have a paypal bankroll to checkout. If you wish, you can pay with your own bank cards. Every and every item you put in your basket, you will be given the "CONTINUE SHOPPING" button, which is usually shown in the top right on the screen.

Just click on the "CHECK OUT" button and search for the payment method "Pay with an on-line banking accout, debt or charge card...." or in some cases "Donate with a card". Then you can finish your checkout with these checkout settings..... or if you have a payment via email you can of course also use them to checkout.

Thanks a lot for your help! If you click on our charming equine bush above, you will be directed to our store, where you can give $35 for the grooming of the horses and then select one of several stuffed toys as your present from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for your generousness.

For the wristbands, please enter your colour selection in the "Note for sellers" section at the checkout. We' ll do our best to give you the colour of your choosing. A second or third colour can also be selected. As we cannot ensure that your colour selection is available at the moment of your order, we retain the right to supply you with the colour of our choosing if your colour selection is not available.

Their help is greatly valued, as we guarantee the affectionate supervision of these horses. When you want to show your opposition to slaughtering horses and at the same times help the horses at F.R.I.E.E.E.N.D.S., you can do so: Please note our car stickers below.

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