Girls Horse Riding Boots

Girl riding boots

All-new, unworn girls Cat & Jack riding boots. Kids' Equestrian Boots & Apparel in stock and ready to ship. When you or your child has recently become interested in riding (or when you simply need a new couple), you will learn the most important things to consider.

Riding shoes for children by Ride-away| Ariat & Dublin

At Rideaway we have an abundant assortment of children's shoes for a variety of outdoor pursuits at competitively priced locations. You are sure to find the ideal couple from top names like Mark Todd, Horze, Mountain Horse and Brogini. The shoe line offers a wide variety of applications, from long children's riding boots for competitions, jodhpur and paddock boots for daily use to boots for kindergarten.

We' re always looking for the latest fashions and fabrics to provide high-performing, durable shoes that look good. Have a look at our offer of children's rural clothes, ideal for every pony-enthusiastic rider.

Children riding boots & clothing

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Selection of riding boots

However much we all like to safe a lot of our shoes will unfortunately not be suitable for riding. This means you don't have to pay $100 to get a reliable and durable set of riding boots. If you or your kid has recently taken an interest in riding (or if you are just a new couple) these are the most important things to consider when buying riding boots:

There are many types of riding boots because there are many different situations in which you need boots. So, what are these boots for? High boots are indispensable for various riding shows and shows. Wellington boots, usually made of genuine leathers and designed to end at the bottom of the knees, provide a classy and comfortable cushion.

Outdoor boots are the boots of your choise for show-jump, riding and all-around ring. Training boots, usually more rigid than boots for fields, are reserved for training circuits and convey a touch of sophistication. But if you wear your boots all or part of the days, high boots will not be convenient or comfy. Paddocking boots (which usually reach the ankle) are a good option if you take classes, ride at home and wear the same boots in the shed.

Riding boots have a few factors you should follow to get the most secure and comfortable fit: buy a couple with a 1 to 1.5 inch step to keep your boots from slipping out of the stirrups. You should also have a low profile so that you can push your boots into the stirrups without much drag.

A few other guidelines: Stay with boots that are not too broad or box-shaped. You also want your boots to be as comfortable as possible to keep your knuckles and ball of your toes. It can get chilly, but instead of thick woollen booted stockings, they cling to thin, isolated toes.

They can still look good in a real set of riding boots! Riding boots for kids are also available in different colours, shapes and different designs, so that you can put together and co-ordinate your team. Our Reign insole boots, for example, are available in a variety of colours so you can give your riding equipment a vivid colour of emphasis such as violet or mauve.

Considering all these factors, the choice of your perfect riding boot should work. Establish a price, choose where you will wear your new boots, and then buy all our great riding boot choices.

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