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Horse Riding for Girls - Review of Hooves - Horse Riding in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica

I have a 5 -year-old girl who had never been on horseback. She' had a really great one. Wearing a hard hat, she was checked by the tourist guides on his horse during the whole journey. It was a buoyancy aid when we were riding the horse through the waters.

We had never ridden a horse before and were able to keep perfect check on our horse. We had a horseback trip to the shore to begin. Drivers brought the equipment, which could not be taken to the shore in a rucksack, by lorry. All our equipment was kept clean.

Arrived at the shore, both horse and rider took a rest. You gave us a little bit of space and a little bit of space to look through some booths that sell touristic memorabilia. So we took off our shoes and any other clothes we didn't want to get soaked, and we got back on the horse.

He photographed for us, groups and individuals. Then it was ridden from the shore into the sea. The horsemen as well as the ponies really enjoyed it. They knew what to do and really galloped through the waters.

It was up to the ridge. Most of them were lifeblood ponies from the race track in Jamaica. Some of the ponies were bred on the yard. All of the ponies had great personality and were well brought up.

When we had passed the sea, the tourist guides cleaned our legs with plenty of freshwater and we put our shoes back on. We ended the trip with a drive down the sand and into the jungles. Our travel leader explained the story of the country where we ridden the horse.

Make sure you are wearing enclosed shoes, sun cream and a swimsuit. At the end of the trip our swimsuits were drying, so you didn't have to dress, there was no place to do it. They will put a handcuff between you and the horse for your shelter.

I' d do that trip again, it was really great work.

On the bright side, the ponies behave very well. We were disappointed that our leader, after the trip was over, asked us for a tip. Once we got organised, when we said that we would tip him because he had said 30 seconds before that he would not wa.

You can gallop on the shore while the group is at the seaside if you are a suit. That is the primary cause of the extra costs, apart from a dedicated leader, and should be told to you by the agents who sell you the trip.

That was very unhappy and in combination with the bridegroom asking for a tip that isn't on, we got a low number of points that we haven't had for a long while. Both of them have rode a horse before, but the arrangements this trip made to make sure everyone was sure were unbelievable.

They had so much pleasure in the aquatic adventure and they took care to give the animals a rest to keep them intact. During the drive to the shore there is some information about the tree & various fruits & even some hours of historical information on the way back from the shore. Thank you for the great trip, Hooves!

You were so lucky that you had so much fun and also took the liberty for a great reviewer. She had never been riding before and she wants her first horse riding to be an unforgettable experience. After picking up a client at another place, we drove to his stable.

Since there was no cruiser in the city on the date of our trip, there were only three of us. Others said that the ponies seemed to be well looked after and the personnel had a real passion for the ponies. But I was told Pedro had his own will and the kid did!

If you want to enjoy riding in the sea, try it with the friendly people of Hooves. We' re so glad that you had a great part of your life and your woman had her first experiences. First and foremost they concentrated on my children to make sure they had a great year. They seemed to be very well and I felt secure with the situation, the ponies and the team.

Wish the journey were half an hours longer, but it was still a high point of our journey. If it is possible to do an extensive hike, I would ask for it. A while ago, I answered your query about whether you were travelling with Yardie Tours from Falmouth or Montego Bay.

The Been to Hooves - Horse riding tour?

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