Girls Riding Shirts

Girl riding shirts

riat Girl's Sunstopper UPF Long Sleeve Show Shirt Top. Outside from a large selection of breeches, shirts & more at reasonable prices. The Ovation Girls' Riding Clothing range includes breeches, iods, show shirts, show coats and riding boots. Horseriding clothes for quality and value.

The Kerrits Girls Ice Fil Tech Tight Exclusive for SmartPak.

Children Riding Shirts

Shirts and coats for girls who are riding. This children's riding shirts are made of ultra-modern materials that ensure that girls feel comfortable in the saddles all year round. Innovative Ice Fil weave provides cool solar control in warm conditions and cosy, moisture-absorbing wool keeps girls warm in sinking conditions.

It' all washed in the washing machines, among them the stylish Kid's Competitors Koat, a comfy, airy show jacket, the equine drool, kitchup and everything else that goes with the show. Brilliant colours and riding printings that make children declare their loyalty to the fringe nations, make girls want to carry these sturdy riding uppers to the stable and beyond.

For saddles with rider-specific characteristics such as neck straps and bags for ponies, these ponies are designed for the last postseason period, washing after washing.

English-language show shirts

Equestrian shirts are an integral part of every rider's outfit. No matter whether you are looking for show events, show jumps, training or leisure riding, our range of British show shirts will keep you stylishly in shape in the show ring so that you can concentrate on giving your best. Choose from top labels such as Ariat®, Essex, Goode Rider?, RJ Classic and more.

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The UPF50+ shirts from Omega Girls provide stunning solar control with Evercool gauze. The long-sleeved riding shirts of these girls are airy but not too transparent and provide good covering power, yet still they' re airy and breathe. Made with Evercool, a cloth that allows the Roller Jersey to drain sweat from the body and dries quickly.

Evercool's wicking and drying processes help to lower your baby's temperatures by several temperatures, resulting in a more pleasant and happier baby on warm summer nights. Girls' Mixed Microfibre Knit Tee provides airflow while the transparent meshwoven sleeve allows additional vent.

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