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Walk and play stables

The Go and Play Stable is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, retraining and rehabilitation of standard horses. Playstables, Northumberland/Peterborough Region. Latest tweets from Go and Play Stable (@Goandplaystable). We are a registered non-profit organization based in Northumberland, ON.

Play and Go Stable (@Goandplaystable)

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You go and play in the stable: Standard Rescue, Rehabilitation, Retraining and Rehabilitation

Located in the centre of the Kawartha Lakes Ontario area, Go and Play Stables is a family-run standard rescue, retraining and relocation facility belonging to Sarah and Patti Merriam. Featuring a funny evening of "Horse Play - A Cause for Comedy", OI Line auction and drawings, lots of farm sale & open house, a angling competition, a stand at the Havelock Jamboree, participation in the All About Show at the Lindsay Rodeo Days, participation in a training session at Standardbreds After Race at the Orono Fair.

Tonight will include supper in the gorgeous stands, slots coupons, a leader, a quiet auctions and a Go and Play Stables racing with more cool presentations. Sarah is an expert rider who previously had a barn full of warmbloods, a much looked for species. Working with Standardbreds for over 10 years, Sarah has fallen in love not only with this diverse variety, which is often avoided by riders looking for sports horse, but also with warmbloods, although it is ironic that they are part of them.

Standard breeds can produce outstanding sports and Halla, the only Olympic gold medal winner, is a brilliant example. During the last 2 years GPS has successfully saved, restored, retrained and accommodated more than 25 ponies. At the moment the ambulance is in full swing and has unfortunately rejected stallions because there is no room.

The recent end of the Slots at Racetracks program shows that the equestrian markets (which are already overcrowded with horses) are now showing that over fifty per cent of the current offer for sale/adoption and via SOLEX going stock are standard breads. Most of the saved stallions that come into the stables are in good condition. In the first place, the riders receive a rehabilitative time - a time to relax, to play and to get to know "just being a horse" again.

Although these stallions have been subjected to many different conditions, they are all handled like young non-runners. More than 100 years of riding and standard horse riding experiences have made our staff aware of the first challenge in re-training this diverse race. We offer our riders the right care for their new career as show-, leisure- and escort horse.

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