Goat Hoof Boots

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Davis Sheep & Goat Hoof Boots provide clean, comfortable and waterproof protection while cushioning an injured hoof. Reusable rubber boot for sheep and goats that protects the injured hoof clean and comfortable. Anyone know where I can get hoof shoes for a goat?

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Used to treat ovine and caprine pups with rotting feet or scalding. It is also helpful for horses with a torn or fractured hoof. Avoids thinning and soiling of the hoof by moisture or soiling. Keeps medicine around a hoof of a goat or shepherd. Put the boots over the feet and tighten the belt at the top.

When using molten zink for your treatments, first put on the boots and then apply the fluid. Tighten the belt and use SureFlexx? Elastic Bandage Wrap to close the top. Your boots should not be worn for more than one or two working day. Maintain the pet in a tidy, arid place and re-treat if necessary.

Avoid leaving the shoe lying down for more than two consecutive nights. Your ankle needs clean breath to be healed. Keep your shepherd in a comfortable and relaxing posture that allows you to trimming your legs, marking, examining and treating your ear with both arms. It can also be used to care for ovine and caprine animals.

10 clients have rated this item. Five out of 11 said they would refer this one to a friend. A good solution for treating sheep's feet individually in case of difficulties or non-response. The colour RED would also make it much simpler to find on a meadow when the lamb is feeling better and escaping.

Wrapped the top with veterinarian foil, but I probably didn't need it either. If the Medi boots are used on my Boer goat flock for a few feet problems and they work great without problems and also stick to some Rammbunctious does! This is a very good choice. It works well if you can keep the ewes in a very small area for a few nights (dry parcel or barn) and then take off the boots after a few of them.

To make sure it would stay with us, the best way was to use the brace and begin with the mediboat and then wrapping the sheep's lee. He could still swing, which we didn't like, but he made sure that he kept on and the ewes with bark kept his feet clean and let the feet work.

Not recommended for smaller ewes or cattle. Boat was gone the first outing. I' m gonna put a veterinarian compress on my goat's feet and he'll do his work.

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