Good Gifts for Equestrians

Gifts for Riders

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Useful gift ideas for the rider

Whilst I always appreciate a nice jewel or a one-of-a-kind decoration, I have to say that what I was really happy about is a handy present. There is nothing more rewarding than giving a present that is used every day, or something that makes your lifestyle simpler and perhaps more personal.

This idea is ideal for all non-horse lovers (e.g. spouses!) who do not feel at ease when it comes to choosing the riders outfit. This is a listing of my favourite handy gifts for riders: Regardless of the weather, every driver will appreciate high-quality mittens, jackets and overcoats.

Favourites are these SSG Winter Rancher gloves (see picture), all Sorel winter boots and Mountain Horse jackets (I drooled over the Majesty Down Coat). It seems there is a lack of watches around barn and exhibition area, so a good clock is always useful. Here you will find a good choice to begin your research.

It is not just any kind of stockings and lingerie; I am referring to well-made, specialised lingerie. The Tuff Rider is a great booted stocking and they are very inexpensive. When you' re looking for something really unique, Equi-Logic has a padded equestrian lingerie that I must say looks unbelievably comfy. See also my article entitled Choosing the Right Bra for Riding.

In spite of the enormous sums I have invested in horse ridin' shoes, I am embarrassed to say that they are often overlooked. In order to prepare the show ring, a maintenance set is ideal for the maintenance (or restoration) of your shoes. The Rocky Boot Maintenance Kits contain everything you need. Hot cup of espresso or hot cup of tee means lucky horseman!

Thankfully for those of you who are more DIY prone, just look out my pole top 10 DIY tips for horse lovers. What is your favourite handy present?

1. "Keep warm" packet

Looking for the ideal present for a rider? For your convenience, we have compiled a full listing of must-haves for the riders in your lifetime - or if you just want to do something really unique for yourself during this time. This 7 great gifts are great gifts for every rider.

Assemble a pack of "stay warm" provisions that every rider will enjoy in colder weathers. A photo shoot with a freelance photo artist is an unbeatable present. Photographers can take really memorable memories of a moment between a rider and his own equine animal.

You know a rider who likes equine magazine? It may be the ideal moment to buy them a season ticket for some of their favourite journals - your present will be continued throughout the year. There is more and more to be learned about equitation and exercise, and you can't go astray if you give a rider a few high-quality exercise manuals and videa.

It' s a great way to find out what kind of textbooks and video clips a rider has already seen, but you can also give a voucher to a bookseller. Most riders are grateful for gifts containing the food they use daily on their rides. Refilling shampoos, liniments, compresses, fur care and equine delicacies can be a handy and much valued present.

Be sure to look at the special makes and kinds of material that the rider uses when purchasing this kind of present. You are still not sure what to give away, collect a voucher from a shop or onlineshop. In this way, the rider can find out exactly what he needs and does not have to be concerned about the return of gifts because they were the incorrect sizes, colours or finish.

Would you like to go further with your talent? If you are a very particular rider in your own world, consider a outing. It can be a voucher for a full days trekking in a nearby institution or an admission ticket to a hospital with a well-loved hospital. Maybe you'd also like to take a look into the horseback holidays - you can wager that your present will never be overlooked.

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