Good Horse Christmas presents

Christmas Gifts Good Horse

That's the reaction you get when your daughter gets a horse for Christmas. They must have been really good to find these beautiful gifts under the tree. X-Mas presents for the horse lover | Style Committed to the untiring dedication and drive that goes together with the horse, it has quickly become a well-informed reading for athletes, riders, owners, fans and fans at all levels and from all disciplines, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to keep up to date with the latest GPHQ developments.

We kindly ask you to give your undesired gifts for a good cause

Foundress of Horse Sanctuary, Sue Burton, urges those who do not want to give Christmas presents to the Foundation. The sanctuary near Ingatestone can be visited between 10.00 and 14.00 on any weekday in January. It will be an unwelcome Christmas gift for others, and Horse Sanctuary can use the unwelcome presents in its annual sale, fundraiser, raffle and raffle.

In addition, all other objects in good salable conditions can be returned to the sanctuary in January. Undesired gifts can be replaced with the'Give a Gift' card launched in 2016. Donate a present and turn 1 billion of lost gifts into charitable giving, such as Remus Horse Sanctuary.

You can exchange an unsolicited greeting cards for one you really want and at the same to do something good by giving a percent of the amount of your non-used greeting cards to Remus and exchanging the remainder for a new greeting cards of your choosing. During a YouGov poll, the least sought-after gifts were "selfie sticks", music sticks, bath balances and pet slippers! 3.

Luckily, Horse Sanctuary provides an alternate. Sue Burton, Remus' founder, says: "We all get a strange present that we do not like or would not buy for ourselves. However, instead of discarding these gifts or putting them in a box, you can help remove them to save and restore more ponies and other pets all over southern England.

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