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is a super talented event horse. It' good to box, shoe, clip and catch. Southeast show jumping? Southeast merchants? Anyone know any good traders in the southeast?

16h to 16.2hh, not older than 7, does not care about greens, but must be loaded. None pounds, preferably wb or ireland, filly or Gelding. Any good toes clips etc. So I' m sure there are plenty of places to look, I don't have a massive account either.

This is champagne, soda-pop.

Irishworthy Horse

Our success in selling top class ponies is outstanding. A thank-you to George, who not only gave me a lot of pleasure for an hour, but also became a real "diesel horse", because every times I bought it from you, I was taken along.

to the Southeast Championships in London this weekend! Then I came back to ask Sue and Dave to find my first horse. Good heavens, that horse couldn't be more secure. They' re bringing me back the most astonishing horse I could ever wish for.

She is GRAY the only trouble! The first and last horse I ever have to buy is GRAY! As she is tickling and tickling every crate there is just to show off. Both Sue and Dave were there to assist me and to help me whenever I needed them with their great jumping work.

Thanks for your help and encouragement and for having sold me the horse I was looking for. Hello Sue its just been 3 wee-days now since I purchased Izty from you. It has almost immediately established itself and is very good to do in every respect. Hi, although I'm giving you an updated about George (now Basil), which I purchased 6 month ago, I can't thank you enough for this aunt!

He' s done so well since I purchased him and I admire him very much. I am very happy with her how she has developed so quickly and generally what a lovely horse she is. I would definitely suggest it to anyone who wants to buy a beautiful horse to come here.

He' a beautiful person, I loved him! I would just let you know Hiya like Bruce (was Bernie I think) hes been so good no bother at all done our first show last night, putting 3. and 4. he was a very good kid and now looks very intelligent!

He' the flawless gentlemen and I' love him! I just wanted to thank you for the sale of Fritz (Cartier Z) just over 4 years ago, he is definitely a horse of life, I never thought I would have one as good as my old one! Being so happy with my new Rolo from you, he is doing well, Sue has been helping us to find the right horse for me and I have a nice quality Rolo, hes really cute and real.

They are very nice folks and very supportive. Hi Dave and Sue, just to tell you that I am very lucky with my new horse, you guessed well, he is very suitable for me for what I wanted in a horse. I' ve recently purchased a horse from you (a few month ago) called Archie and I can say frankly that you described him perfect, he has a golden horse and is the lightest horse I have ever known!

We hope to get a few 100s towards the end of the year, but at the moment we are having a lot of pleasure and can't thank you enough for your help and work. Both Sue and Dave were very responsive and made the whole procedure of purchasing a new horse very simple.

They let me see the rode dressage riders, try them out for myself several occasions and I brought my teacher to see me rid. I' ve been buying the beautiful Milly for a little more than a year. From show jumper at the Hickstead Royal International Horse Show this past year, Milly has taken me from show jumper at the Club to show jumper for our first rookies this year!

If you are looking for your first horse or an experienced horse, I would not hesistate to recommend your service to anyone. Sue and her crew came to see me last weekend and I tried some of my own ponies. In all honesty I can say that the attendance was very inviting and all the youngsters knew the animals well so that they could respond to the question I had.

It was well managed and all the ponies were well cared for. I' m sure I would call Sue to talk about your needs, as she has plenty of free space to hear you and find the right horse. A nice crew of guys who can't do enough for you and good ponies to see and try them.

Hopefully this report will help to find more ponies at home forever. It was the first horse I really possessed and was a little jumpy about purchasing from a trader, but my concerns were groundless. She was a nice woman who was very nice and supportive and nothing was too much work.

It supplied Henry for me and I also purchased a seat from her at a really good value. He is the nicest horse, comes directly to me on the fields, likes a swim, is cared for the whole days and likes a lot of ado.

I' d hate to recommend Sue and Dave in the family. Couldn't be luckier with it now if anyone I'm looking for a horse buttonw this place is top of my roster to tell them about.

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