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It is a place where you can buy Christmas gifts for horse lovers. We serve horses who are so happy to have the best volunteers in the world! They look into the mouth of a horse to determine its age and/or health. So, if someone gives you a horse and you look in his mouth, it's like a price tag.


Buying for great, inexpensive gifts in East Nashville has become easier: Poison Horse - an artful store with stationery, household goods, hand made gifts and more - is now open in the Shoppes on Fatherland. Part of the business has grown out of the experience of co-owners Jessica Maloan and Andy Vastagh in this area: graphic art and design:

He heads the Nashville-based Boss Construction designs and silkscreen printing firm; Maloan - one of the co-founders of the Porter Flea handicraft fair - and the manufacturer behind Pine Street Makery, the silkscreen printing house. While Gift Horse has a strong emphasis on stationery, which includes fine arts and greetings card printing, a wider esteem among freelance artist drivers the overall aesthetics of the store - Gift Horse's shelving highlights a number of regionally based manufacturers, such as Boss Construction, Cold Gold, Pinch Pot Love, Rebecca Green Illustration and many more.

Gifts for horse and travel lovers!

Gifts for horse and travel lovers! It can be difficult to find a unique present for your loved ones and for them. After all, we love to find gifts with particular significance, and these lovely items can be kept for a lifetime. Initially a rider line for ladies, Mark Lexton has since added several new items for horse-loving men.

It all begins with a third-generation jeweller who marries a lady who loves her horse, and you can see how that ends! Sterling Stirrup Pendant ($65), Hand Carved Grain Ring ($55) or Sterling Stirrup Earrings ($110) are great gifts for horse-loving mothers, nurses, boyfriends or as a souvenir for youngsters.

Horsemen or men to whom you want to give a horse-like touch can dress up in the fox mask and stirrup cufflinks for New Year's and those who like the countryside will like the fox mask with stirrup earrings. We have noticed these colourful hand-painted wood decorations in shades of pink, green, blue, green, orange, yellow as well as green. They will give you the inspiration to start pruning your trees.

They come from the Sundance catalogue, which was created in 1969 by Robert Redford, who we all know is a horse lover! Four-pack. $68. Horse ornaments. Put a legacy; get the look - only Quarter Horse Outfitters the offical shop of the website the Quarter Horse Association. Quarter Horse Outfitters only.

Choose from these handcrafted horse-collection. Darkse-Horse Chocolates is by the long-time New England choclatier Harbor Sweets. You can choose from the trophy assortment, the trail mix, the reminder box'Mares and Foals' and the peanut butter pony. Bittersweet cocoa. Discover your horse lifestyle with these colourful, horse-inspired jewellery kits.

You are Wild & Free, the kind of horseman who would be jumping for Joy, a breathtaking and persevering Arab or who expresses your grooming side with the mare & the foal? Jewellery by Desert Horse. The Old Grey Mare Dexter Grass specialises in extraordinary dog and horse antiquities, from old horse heads to art nouveau inkpots.

Dexter' is a life-long horseman who has lived outside Houston on a 80 horse outfit! Drop into westerly elegance with the latest Quarter Horse Outfitters outfits. $44. 00 from Quarter Horse Outfitters, Cowgirl Top. We specialize in recording the equestrian relation and turning photos into museums.

It is a personalised present that we have recently ordered ourselves. 30 percent of the money goes to Cristalcan, a great organisation that supports rehabilitation-phorses. It was a present from our mates last year and we used it a great deal! Boatman Geller notepads can be personalised with your name.

Useful in parcels or for sending a message to your friend. Begins at $9. Horse notes. Buy any amount of $25 voucher for a horseback holiday in the near term. Customise this Protection This Knuckle with your own pictures. In addition to the Sweetbird Studios "Protect This Rider" tags, each strap has two five-point starlets and a handwritten flag.

We are always looking for a good horse documentation or a good movie and this one was recently awarded the U.S. U.S. Dokumentary Audience Award at the Sundance Movie Festival. Buck Brannaman follows from his improper infancy through his trip into a horse lifestyle. Tutorials in Zen Mind, Zen Horse: The Science and Spirituality of Working with Horse provide a new insight into how people practice and interactively work out with the horse and why these two types have such a profound, naturally connected relationship.

A hundred gift ideas for travelers. "Special holiday promotion. In our booklet you will find more information about our story, our cultural activities and our travels as well as breathtaking pictures of the places we have visited. Horseback riding adventurestarts at $11.00. This horse delicacies are made from controlled organic produce, cooked and freshly sent by Winnie's Cookies.

Best of all, your horse can try them out. You can give your horse the best possible grooming with horse health insurances. It' harder to come up with the cash all of a sudden when your horse gets ill or hurt, but you can save the well-being of your horse with a mortality/size health insurance and make sure they get the attention they deserve. However, it is important to make sure your horse is well looked after.

In case your horse gets ill or hurt, we cover the veterinarian. When your horse is dead, we'll give you the money. This is a great article that you can put on your Long Riders Gear outfit. Children present tip: It is one of the best gifts to spend quality leisure with a horse! You may want to take your horse-loving baby, your brother, your wife, your brother, your nephew or your wife to a nearby stables to take a horse, plan a ride or ship a voucher for a ride.

A present that brings back reminiscences! These " Iove My Pony " T-shirts from Wild Horsefeathers are great for your horse-enthusiastic horse lovers! Much more enjoyable when you have a real horse prepared to run! Three and a half from Quarter Horse Outfitters. Children and grown-ups alike appreciate giving their horse some shine.

Children present tip: Before you choose a present for a children's horse, do a little educational work. When possible, find out their favourite horse race, horse ride or the element they really need or want. You can use your own stall or staple shop as a good resource for hands-on inspiration. Any child who wants to own a horse will enjoy having Breyer tacks for their horse - bridles, calipers, covers, wraps, halter, leads and much more.

These sets are ideal for the old-fashioned horse. While we were in Fort Worth we bought at the Cowgirl Store, the national cowgirl museum's giftware store and the Hall of Fame. The Misty of Chincoteague and all the tales of Marguerite Henry are regarded by many as classical horse-story. Sells at Amazon. com contains Misty of Chincoteague, Justin Morgan Had a Horse and King of the Wind.

Horse shoes and cow-girl shoes adorn the soft, synthth. Horse sleepin' bag.

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