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See more ideas about horse books, reading books and Christian fiction books. She is an award-winning, best-selling writer of over 95 novels. She is an award-winning, best-selling writer of over 95 novels. After giving her hearts to Jesus at the young ages of six, Tracie always felt herself destined to some kind of service, and typing fills this space of missions. The Tracie Peterson is both productive and very popular.

It has received several accolades, among them the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for 2007 Inspirational Fiction, the Lifetime Achievement 2011 from American Christian Fiction Writers and the USA "Best Best Book 2011".

Prizes for the best religious literature. Their latest novel, In Times Gone By, is in the Golden Gate Secrets Series, and will be published this coming months.

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Though not part of a serial, this is the second volume this writer has ever published on Abby Lovitt. Lovitt is living on a working farm with her mum and dad and nine cattle. She' s got Jack on her horse. A message comes to the Lovitt familiy asking if Mr. Lovitt has bought a bay horse that had a filly last year.

That horse was a purebred horse and vanished from its owner's shed. Jack's dam, who passed away sooner, and the filly could have been Jack. Figured Abby liked another horse in the line, Black George. Abby Black takes George through many vaults in a nearby practice area.

But the last part of the show is on Sunday, and Abby's unit believe that Sunday is for the religion. Following many debates, her mom and dad decided that Abby could go riding on Sunday. That' s why Abby and Black George won the blueband. Abby's familiy gets another message from the equine researcher.

He' s telling us how four expectant mothers got robbed. Investigators want to come to their farm to see Jack and see if he's the Alabama Lady's filly - this could be Abby's Pearl damline. Next with Abby Black George riding at the practice centre, Black George jumps 4ft high.

As Abby finds out how high the leap was, she gets frightened and ceases to leap. She and her dad returned to the gym a few nights later, but Abby refused to do anything higher. The Sophia quickly enlists to go riding Black George and they make the high leaps light. Now Abby is envious and wants to do the leaps herself, but her dad refused.

It was only then that she realized that the purpose of her driving was to get Sophia enthusiastic about purchasing Black George. Abby's dad told her they don't keep the good horse, like Black George, who is a raw diamonds. Shortly thereafter, Black George is resold to Sophia's familiy for a very large amount of cash, more than Abby's familiy has ever obtained for a horse.

This is Jack the filly they're looking for. Though this kind of horse could go for $20,000, the man agreed to selling Jack to Abby's familiy for $5,000. Abby's mom and dad decided to buy the horse after many discussion, but Abby won't allow it. It is decided that her familiy has worked too long to give all their cash to a dubious horse.

Turns out Abby made a good decision. If the true Alabama Lady owner shows up, they tell Abby's familiy that there is no way to trace whether Jack is definitely the progeny of Alabama Lady. When the Jockey Club determines that Jack is not the progeny, the foal is Abby's.

Should they determine that it is the progeny, then the true owner of Alabama Lady and Abby's familiy would own Jack together. Abby's familiy agreed to the deal. Nobody knows if Jack is really the Alabama Lady's filly, but deeply inside Abby thinks he is a full blooded. As Abby realises that she has to give up her horse Jack, she also realises that she can prayer to keep Jack.

Abby's dad goes over to her when a young woman who is observing Abby and Black George wants to keep her eyes open and refuse to find her mom. Figures he'll give the little gal a line about how to honour her mum. Instead, he volunteers to go with the kid to find his folks.

She was on Black George when he went over a crack that had a trench on the other side and covered a 15 foot walk. Abby's wife and daughter go to school on Sunday. All Sunday is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, with its religious families and a dinner.

Your dad is talking about the Bible verses that say that it is hard for a wealthy man to go to heaven. Abby asks her family to believe that God interferes in their life and works everything out for His good will. Abby Hyde thinks a horse knows nothing about it.

Therefore he doesn't like it when someone speaks about a horse loving its owners. As Abby speaks to her dad about what to do to remind her where Black George should lead the show, he asks her to say a prayer. If Abby's dad and mom want to confirm that they should let Abby go riding Black George on Sunday instead of going to school, they close and open the Bible to see which words their eyes are resting on first.

Where Abby and her mom and dad are weary, but they have to help bring a neighbor's livestock back to their neighbor's home, Abby's dad starts kissing her mother's brow and says that God will give them the power they need to get through this state. Abny says her prayer at sundown.

Abby's mom and dad run the farm and are worried about their emotions even though they are determined to do their job and what is right. Through their example they show their affection for Abby and the horse. Jem, a horse coach, is respected for his capacity to work with the horse, and Abby follows his example.

He' friendly and explaining why he does what he does to Abby's horse. He' s a good instructor for Abby, who wants to know everything about her horse' s education. But Jem shows Abby how to coach the horse to go after her. She has a class for Abby to go riding with Black George; he makes the necessary effort to do it well so that she is ready to go riding Black George in the show.

Your dad knows that sometimes it's okay to let your horse run free, but Abby tells you that sometimes a horse doesn't know what's best. Figy and her buddies are playing the piece "Julius Caesar" to help them reread the books for scool. Abby is a little worried about what the girl is doing because of all the crime in the piece.

Abby's dad says, "Lord have mercy," but in this case he may have been serious. So why don't Abby's folks want her to go Black George on Sunday? Well, why don't you go see their show, Black George, on Sunday? To what extent is Abby's congregation similar or different from our congregation? When Abby stays the whole evening at the home of the twin from her college, what's new and interesting for her?

Why does Abby Jack care more than the other ponies? What will she be like when Jack is taken away? So why does she choose to let the wrong man take Jack instead of her folks spending all the cash they have to raise for him? So why does Abby's whole familiy be selling all the good ones?

Abby trying to take that? Abby's familiy does this on a small scale?

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