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Bridle mouth, good to catch, shoe and box. Full service for buying horses in Germany. Horse Quarter Cross Stock Horse gelding has done a lot of cattle work, has smooth gallop, good walker, ri. Well-feet, beautiful limbs and feathers. Well-bred, good in the stable or on the pasture.

Horse for sale

He is a 15.3 hh old horse from "The Big Gun". 16-05-16hh Holstein Gelding 2010 (8 years)Anakin's father Calendro is the dam of the famous Cassini 1, one of the most successfull Holstein jumping horses of all times..... He is a British Warmblood with a high proportion of Arabs from top lines (sire: Garuda K WH-183).

Shows an extraordinary BE perspective with SJ and RC potentials....... Excellent 3-year-old filly for sale, which currently stands at 15.2h but ends at 16h - 16.1hh. Snaffle' s mouth, good to grab, boot and stall, perfect rider show-jumper. Beforehand slightly occupied and great training capacity.... 2013, 16.1hh Grey KWPN mareBy Everdale, Grandsire Lord Leatherdale and maternal father Jazz.

The Coltissimo Z - Ultimate Dressage Potentials - reduces -, Coltissimo Z, aka Coody is a breathtaking looking stallion with flamboyant movements and cautious jumping..... 50yrs Old from Ars Vivendi x Olympic Lux x Cloverhill full brother to MTF Cooley classic.Dam is full nurse to Int. 1.60 Horsecamblin and half nurse to Dorada 1....

REDUZIERT - BOARGIN reduziert - boargin -, 18.1/2hh darkbrown gelding 9 years old Excellent to shoebox clips and catch....... info. Explore horses for sale all over the globe by searching the advertisements or using the filter above. You can filter horses by horse model, race, age, size, horse size, horse cost, sex and zip code.

Horse-Quest UK - Happy Hackers: 15h and more

She is simply the cutest little gal there is, her calmness and tenderness and her character make her ideal as a happy and new best mate. An uncomplicated little gal who's got both of them around her. She' s good to be caught and goes calmly to and from the pitch at the end of the line.

She says that she runs really well, is even and can keep up in all 3 steps. Molly' gonna make a quiet leap. She really is hacking and if you are looking for a new best boyfriend to go on long quests with, maybe a few boat trips on the beaches or sponsoring, then she is your ma.

It would be difficult to find a better woodchopper than she did. She is 7 years old and 15.2hh. She has a very good breed in Ireland and is out of Poltarf out of a Huntingtonfield Rebel mam. For sale only as a girl who goes to school. She' s a bridle's mouth, good with boxes, shoes and clips (we just cut her).

This is the friendliest and gentlest of characters, which is light in every respect. This is the friendliest and gentlest of characters, which is light in every respect. He is the friendliest, gentlest of characters and in every respect an allrounder. Has done many horseback riding and made a hunting trip with dogs and was an absolutece.

A very authentic jumper, he never ceases. In XC he is great, leaps over all kinds of fencing and takes care of his horseman. Good and good training through his junctions. He would fit any horseman. He' s real and always wants to please his horseman. I had my rookie horseback riding him in the XC movie so you could see how nice he is to his drivers.

Awesome on the floor in all respects, but not a beginner. He jumps 1m loosely with 3 nice steps and is riding in a bridle. Happily to leap, whatever you put him up to. It was a really funny trip. Well, three very good steps. Very good in transport. Easily rideable, always in a bridle.

It has 3 good steps and is up to 1 m high. Easily rideable, always in a bridle. It has 3 good steps and is up to 1 m high. A very friendly filly, not related to other horses, she is easily caught in the fields. She' s very light to handle, always in a bridle, not too hard, here rode by a beginner.

It has 3 good steps and is up to 1 m high. She is only four years old, but she is very calm, not creepy, suited for beginners. It' easily fogged up, boxed, caught and in circulation. elly used to hunt with a rookie and go horseback riding on the shore.

Easy to footwear, to put on weight, etc. Broke to be ridden in October 2017, chopped without boots all year round, proved to be calm and prudent, surrounded and chopped along the surrounding side roads and woods, without paying attention to anything that hits her, galloping in front of / behind or over an older filly.

He' s got a very good edge over all kinds of obstacle. There are no trucks of any shape and his legs only go off the floor when you ask him to crack a rail! Would be on pleasure trips are trips to the shore and with every galloping never looses the mind, and cants softly on the back.

He has a great leap and bangs 1m for laughs with much more skill when his driver wants to use it! She' s a beautiful student and has an unbelievably good smile. A serious steed for someone. Heartbreaking sales with a Master's at university. He' been in the same house for seven years, taking riders from a pony.

Representing the Korean computer teams in training and events, he also participated in computer camp and equestrian sports as well. Likes the hunt, goes forward or backward and jumps everything in front of him. It is in every way simple to do boot / muzzle / clamp / crate (but can not be travelled in a pendant or herringbone).

She' s a funny forward broodmare who likes to leap and will help her horse with every step, she is a funny forward broodmare who likes to leap and will help her horse with every step by inviting the next commercial.....

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