Good Horsey presents

The Good Horsey presents

Spooky classic, the horse head mask is perfect for the party animal in your life! The Horsey Shopping shop has a large selection of horse gifts for everyone. Tis The Season - Best and Worst Holidays "Horsey" Presents

Foliage is shifting, the climate is getting cooler (also here on the central coast), and this means that the holiday present holiday period is almost upon us. Throughout the years we have all collected innumerable "equine" presents - some of which are more attractive than others. So we met some locals this weekend who shared with us the best and poorest "horse gifts" they have ever had.

So when it comes to giving presents to the enthusiastic rider in your lifetime, there are obviously many ways you can go. Seems like the lecture to be learnt is to really "know" what the individual loves.... don't just suppose that your boyfriend has a steed, that he loves something with a steed on it, and if you don't know what to get, you can't go wrong when you get a greeting to him.

Xmas presents and shops

When you are looking for the ideal horse present, here are some shopping places and things to make your Christmas shopping a little bit more enjoyable. Articles bought through the buttons in this section help to promote this site and do not charge an additional cent, so please use them when purchasing.

These are some of my own tips for a great present for a race aficionado. When you just want to look for various items, here are a bunch of websites selling all types of horseracing related items, erupted by class. Any kind of horse-related presents, clothes and more.

Any kind of horseracing and equestrian presents, incl. clothes, jewellery, printings and crafts. Any kind of giftware around the equestrian. Clothes, cups, and mousepads with Exceller and other giftware for sales or auctions. Purchase presents and help save ponies at the same one. and more about the bloody animal.

Clothes, artwork, jewellery and more from the souvenir shop in Del Mar. Beautiful choice of high-quality decoration articles with a race or equine topic. Premium equipment, jewellery and presents for horses lovers. Any kind of derby and other races. In Ocala there is a large shop with all sorts of horses and races, from clothes to jewellery to printed matter.

Gifts of all kind from clothes and jewellery to Kentucky Derby memorabilia and collectors pieces. In addition to the German reunification, they also have other gifts such as a belt, keyboard pendants, etc. Get a present and help this ex-racing horse charity. Clothes, cups and bucket babies. All sorts of articles from their Champions! Souvenirshop.

Anything from clothes to jewellery to decoration articles. Your jewellery department. Riding jewellery of all kinds and also mounted riding arts. Many nice things around the race. Cameo, 14ct, and stereo slide jewellery for horses and races. Beautiful clocks with a full blood or dish horsehair in the face, can also be personalised.

Enamelled pin from 18th century stallions. Lovely choice of jewellery from costumes to 14K golden. Lovely artworks by the painter Jeness Cortez. Has also a great choice of horse Christmas card. Poster and printings of the great horse artist's renowned race drivers. Sue Wingate's race-print.

Huge compilation of race reproductions for sell, most of them with beautiful large format pictures to see. Choice of multiple race print options available. A lot of well-known ponies of the past and present are shown. Various printings and poster from different artist. Latest race manuals, most with press coverage. Second-hand, uncommon and collectable horsebooks, incl. races and breed.

Clothes and accessoires for the DRF library. Equestrian Research, Inc. Mostly veterinarian or general information about horses, but some of them are focused on motor sports and cattery. Photographs, textbooks, videos and references from the Circus Horses. Is an award-winning race simulator videogame that comes in this release for Sony PlayStation and also a newer release named Gallop Racer 2001 for Sony PlayStation 2.

A large choice of whole blood and trotting races available by post order. Please click on the COME ON IN button to see the book. This is Russell Meerdink Co., a publishing and selling company of equestrian literature, video and other articles. Portraits of renowned racehorses. The American Turf Monthly editors' textbooks, video and other articles.

Breeders' Cup souvenirs from the Breeders' Cup Shop. Horseracing collectors items with a focus on glass. Maryland antique and collector retailer selling reproductive artwork and races. Figures made of pitch, china and bronce by renowned ponies. For the trotting fan: Christmas postcards, jerseys, mugs and hats.

Have a good vacation and good shopping! Hopefully these proposals and hypertext items will help you find the right present for everyone on your mailing lists.

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