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Ladies Ariat Berwick GORE-TEX Insulated Riding Boots #Riding Boots #Boots #Affiliate. Discover riding boot fashion, riding boots and more! So I decided to use lightweight, breathable Gore-Tex instead of cool, oiled canvas. With the Ariat Braemar Gore-Tex riding boots you look refined and noble.

Long Riders' Guild - Clothes

Cu Chullaine and Basha O'Reilly have each purchased the suitably designated "Long Rider" jacket from Kakadu. Although we have not yet tried this cloak in the fields, we believe it has great promise for Long Riders wherever they are. This `3 in 1' multifunctional, watertight oilcoat has calfskin collars and reins, low, doubly piled attached bags, detachable cloak, wind flap, press stud fastener with large press stud panel, drawstring at the waistband, drawstring at the sleeves, adjustment cuff.

An array of thick press studs turns the continuous fur into a 3/4 length sweater or a chaper. Just as important, unlike narrow coats, it is so light that you can move around in your seat and long enough to keep your boots from getting wet! Created by CuChullaine Oâ??Reilly, the Long Rider Hats are a design that is a reproduction of the typical chasseur-fashioned hat from travels in Africa in the 18th and 18th centuries.

In contrast to horse hair, which is very itchy, the extralong stamped cord is very smooth and has a meticulously knotted panty to secure the cap either in a canter or in an emergencies. Not only does it deserve to be admired and respected, it also stands up to the challenge of riding in the jungle, desert, steppe and uplands.

Please click on the image of Basha O'Reilly and Count Pompeii to see it enlarged. I' ve got an aussie raincoat. It' not effective for riding in heavy rains, nor does it provide some coverage when you are in the saddle. What do you need? I' ve never seen a raincoat that could easily hide everything a long rider needs.

I' ve never found hot and watertight riding boots in the flowing rains before. However, you must have long arms on your cloak or your cardigan, otherwise the rains will drain under the wristbands of these mittens after a few years.

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