Gpa Horse Helmet

Grandpa Horse Helmet

A sporty helmet designed for women with an extra wide brim that protects the eyes and face from the sun. Specially developed for women, the GPA Little Lady Helmet offers a sporty and inexpensive alternative to the popular GPA First Lady. Easy-to-fit GPA helmet 2X GPA Evo2X is a new helmet born. Evaluations on this website reflect the experiences of the various contributions. None of the articles published in the press section are accepted, edited or endorsed by us.

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GPA, the unlikely link between motorsport and equestrianism

It is the helmet of your choosing for the Royal, Bulgarian, French, Hungarian, Spanish, Irish as well as the English, Scottish and Italians. For over 50 years GPA has been the ideal helmet for top sportsmen and militias. A professional racer, Michel Finquel was taken to make the first fireproof tracksuit after seeing a friend injured or murdered in a race accident.

The security strategy developed under the NAZA trademark was largely adopted by the industrial sector. An ensuing alliance with GPA resulted in a second ground-breaking innovation: the "full-face helmet". "About two years in production, the striking helmet features an innovative attachment system and an innovative ergonomic shape that is totally different from the heavier, bucket-shaped fibreglass helmet of that time.

Also the helmet's overhead rigidity was not excellent and some drivers demanded that the helmet not move at high speeds," Finquel told Historic Racer in an interviewer. This new helmet met with a mix of reactions at the event, but its better fitting and ease of closure made it the favourite of many famous racing drivers, among them Villeneuve, Piquet and Prost.

Finquel did not turn to horse sports until the 1990s. In order to raise the security standard for his horsewoman, Finquel applies his motor sports know-how to horse-kids. GPA presented its first helmet in 1998. Just like its predecessor, the helmet represented unparalleled progress in terms of security and convenience.

GPA was the first equestrian cap with a combination neck and jaw guard and the first cap with CE (European standard) and SEI (US standard) certification. Today, GPA designs horse heads for a wide variety of events such as show jumps, races, Endurance, three-day events, training and pole-driving.

GPA-Helmet can be seen among the Olympia athletes: Steffen Peters from the USA (dressage), Astier Nicolas from France (eventing), Christian Ahlmann from Germany and Ludger Beerbaum (jumping), TIffany Foster from Canada (jumping) and many more. Together GPA and UFO create the highest standards of helmet workmanship, carried by some of the world's most acclaimed hockeys, poleers, show jumper, show jumper and competition rider.

Two GPA First Lady Helmet's from Equo!

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