Gpa Horse Riding Helmets

Grandpa riding helmets

As the first manufacturer with a combined neck and chin protection harness, GPA was quickly extended to other equestrian sports such as polo, eventing, endurance, dressage and racing. Galapagos GPA riding helmets The GPA riding helmets are the ultimative show ring helmets. GPA helmets are the show ring rider's show hat of selection for its security characteristics, innovative style and unique designs. It is not only a top picks for show riders, it is also excellent for training. All GPA EVO+2X helmets share the GPA Spe.


All GPA EVO+ helmets share the GPA Spe..... The GPA First Lady is a riding hat with a..... GPA Headgear GPA Headgear Air 2 X is an upgrade for the.....

GPA Speed Air 4S helmets stand for four layers..... GPA Speed Air Evolution is an upgrade for the..... GPA Speed Air 2X Helm Stardust is a part of the.....

Windshield helmet

New, flexibly and integrates visors. New, flexibly and integrates sight designs. Big shield to the protection of the skins from suntan. This new GPA has a new look. High quality riding hat made of GPA leather. Greatness is Europe 59. Apart from a small scratch at the edge, the headgear is in excellent shape.

Circulating valves on the top and back of the shell..... GPA Titium riding hat in velour. Sizes 6 7/8. Just a few repossessions and it comes with the sheathbag. Grandpa security legends sizes 6 7/8 Helm.

GPA riding helmets

The GPA began in 1964 when racer Michel Finquel designed fireproof wetsuits and helmets for motorsport. He has been equipped with famous Formula 1 pilots such as Nelson Piquet, Jackie Stewart and Alain Prost. Many years later, when his daugther Sonia started riding, Michel Finquel was motivated to make a riding hat that met his demands for caution.

In 1998, the first registered riding hat was an enormous step forward in terms of security and convenience and quickly won a faithful fan base. In 2004, the Olympian riders were equipped with GPA helmets, among them all the 2008 Olympics masters. Initially developed for the needs of show jumping horses, the GPA helmets were then extended to special styles for training, horse races, stamina, eventing ability and pole.

GPA Speed Air revolutionised riding helmets with its light, vented construction, while the First Lady was the first to be developed specifically for woman use. The GPA is continuing its innovations and ensures that its helmets comply with or surpass all security requirements, no matter where they are used. The GPA Legend is dedicated to the driver's security and convenience and offers a classy look that the rider likes to use.

The GPA has teamed up with the high-tech component development company UFO to produce helmets under the most stringent controls in its plant in the South of France. Every headgear takes two working day and is manually lamination. If you buy a Mary's GPA riding hat, our skilled and experienced team will give you all the tips on fitting, styling and client care for the tooth.

If necessary, we can help drivers with a GPA Helmunfallersatz. Mary's can also help you order an individual GPA look, which includes nice First Lady helmets in stunning colours and finishes. Store Mary's Staple for GPA helmets for maximum security, comfort and power.

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