Gray Thoroughbred for Sale

Grey thoroughbred breeding for sale

Thoroughbred, Tony B is a different blood, which is currently offered for adoption at the Maker's Mark Secretariat Center. Tony B (alias "Tony") DOB: Gender: I' ve got a beautiful apple-grey thoroughbred gelding for sale. You can find local horses Grey thoroughbred geldings in horses and ponies for sale and care in Great Britain and Ireland. The Grey Fox Farm is proud to offer the legendary "Versailles" for sale! Finds Grey in Horses &

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"Jewel" - Grey thoroughbred mare for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm

"Jewel " is a 2009, 15.2-handed thoroughbred filly. She is a seriously sporty filly, despite her height and her racing performance. She is a well reared filly (Adena Springs is the breeder). That'?s not your ordinary filly. It is not a difficult riding saddle, but only a filly who will carefully study her horseman and try to go her own way.

They need someone to step on their ass and go on, and they will be riding to the top of every event the horseman selects. Photographs and other thoroughbred and thoroughbred stallions for sale on our website: http://www.thoroughbred-horses-for-sa... There will be no sale of a stallion to someone with the cash and we will not be sending prizes by PM or e-mail.

Our selection of the horse we are selling is careful and we work really hard to find the right combination. We' re not a salvation, and our horse isn't a "salvage prize." The majority of our stock is between $2500 and $4500 - some higher and some lower. Give us a call and we can discuss more about our horse and let us help you to find the right combination.

We' re taking the trouble to get a thoroughbred off the road. Find out more about how our Prospect Horse tracks are rated on the Bits & Bytes Farm homepage.

Horse Gray Thoroughbred Wallach - Horse & Ponies, for sale

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Schimmel | Horses, Ponies for sale or adoption in Ontario

Receive a notification with the latest adverts for "gray" in Ontario. Beautiful gray OTTB Gelding. Thank you for your interest - there is a preliminary sale, if it is not carried out, I will delete this notification from the ad, if you are sending a mail, I can not reply, but I will put you in order for a call....

Gray 1 1 I Ry 15. one hour broodmare. WB mares WB darkbrown colour IN-FOAL until 5 p.m. mould colour F1 colt Rio's Blueprint is used. She has Holsteiner paper. Wonderful colour for him, he will probably turn gray sometime, Mama was a gray thoroughbred filly, Papa was a Kastanienbelgischer. Wonderful colour for him, he will probably turn gray sometime, Mama was a gray thoroughbred filly, Papa was a Kastanienbelgischer.

Kanterbrook Lone Ranger is a 4 year old, 13 hour old, breathtaking gray tube steed horse sire, partly Welsh / partly UK style horseback. Gray. Looking for two friendly, calm passengers either climbing a very secure, generous, calm gray 16. Now I have a nice 4:00 p.m. white filly around 12. Breathtaking 16. Of April is an 8-year-old fifteen -hour district horse / Percheronrossmare.

She' s a lovely, cute, affectionate filly who needs a smooth wrist. Got a gorgeous four-year-old white mares for sale. Registred poly arabian ( gray ) Love the Aufmerksamkeit. She is a shy filly, but very lovely and likes a smooth note. She is a 22 year old brood mares which was used in a standard breed farm.

It is a very kind horse, which enables it to meet with small children or someone who is looking for a rest....

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