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The Low Port Bits are often used for broken, soft ponies or horses. This mild mouthpiece is used with kerb or grass chisels. Colorado Saddlery Low Port Grazing Bit has a low, soft port with plenty of room for the tongue. Cheyenne GRAZING BIT. Grass chisels (also commonly referred to as shaft or curb chisels) are lever chisels.

Grass chisel, shaft chisel, kerbstone chisel

Grass chisels (also generally referred to as shaft or kerbstone chisels) are lever chisels. As a rule, the nose piece is fixed with a kind of socket (raised area) for switch unloading. There are many models of this chisel model available, from the old, slightly arched aluminium gouges (we probably put them all around the barn) to the "3" and "7" control chisels developed by U.S. Calvary.

All of them work on the lever or compression padding concept. If used correctly, the bridle bite is conceived in such a way that the force is exerted on the corner of the horse's lips. The chisel exerts force on the reed, the rods and, according to the part, the pallet (roof) of the horse's muzzle.

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When a kerb belt is too narrow, the teeth in the horse's jaws become stronger. In general: Make sure that you can push two finger between kerbstone and lower mandible to ensure a sufficient distance. If you buy for a long time, your teeth will work faster in the jaws of a horseman when he takes the rein off.

If you buy for a short time, the response is slow. The kerb with circles at the ends holds the teeth and the rein together.

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What is the best harness to use on the way? Would you like a combination of holster and bridles with which you can bind without an additional holster? Would you like proven leathers or easy-care plastics? Your stallion seems to fit best with a classical set of teeth, but you are looking for a more original solution?

Here is a compilation of trail-ready bits and snaffles to help you find the best one for you and your horses. Manufactured with the same die and ring weights as the company's showbits, the Plain Twin Driven Snafle teeth communicate via lip press and lip movement on the top of the teeth and the twist to keep your horses mouths slightly in place and is stricter than a slipper.

The mouth piece is five inch broad. Mikmar's spring drill with articulated nose piece, nose strap and chin strap provides four points of force to promote the correct posture of the patient's heads, as well as collecting, controlling and relaxing. Shaft provides a slight lever action, while the articulated nozzle allows side connections. The Metalab Black Satin Grazing Bit with 6 1/2 inch shaft and middle harbour mouth has a lever effect which produces a middle to powerful effect and, according to the producer, is designed for middle to advanced use.

Five yards in the bridle's muzzle. Backward movement of the shafts was initially supposed to make grazing easier. Bob Avila Mechanical Hackamore works largely with nasal compression on your horse's nasal ridge. Engineered to reduce discomfort around the edges of your horse's mouth by removing jamming, the seven-sixteenth in. smooth sweet iron bridle features additional sweet iron bridles that swim independantly to dispel stress across your horse's lips and cheeks.

The reigns are attached to the swimming D-rings outside the cheeks. It has a swallowed shape and a swung mouth piece, while the 5 inches legs allow your horses to graze while riding. Shiny, sweaty metal mouth piece with cup insert has a portable run and stimulates saliva flow. Myler Bits, (888) 486-5528;

With the best-suited mouthpiece/stem combinations for you and your equine, Tom Balding Bits & Spurs manufactures tailor-made bits. Featuring a Billy Allen articulated nozzle for stand-alone side steering, the reed press promotes reactive strokes. Edges minimise "travel" and reduce excess stress on your horse's outer rods.

Shortshaft is 6 3/4 inch. Transcript: Raceman - Synchro: Travis Is your stallion fighting or dodging his part? Julie Goodnight's Bitting System is developed to help you learn how to react better to your horse's teeth and how to wear yourself well.

This 105-minute educational video shows you how to use the system - a long genuine cowhide string that you use in combination with your turn - and guides you through the workouts. Bit Basics also covers various bits and their use. Classical aussie look of a classical fence, this holster fence made of genuine cowhide provides for simple and secure binding on the trailer.

There is an elongated piece of crowns four centimetres behind your horse's crowns to hold the bridles in place. Supplied with massive leathers rein. Emphasizing painless movement and stop, the Bitless brush uses soft strokes on large areas of your horse's mind to supplement the signals you give with your own physical mass, equilibrium and respiration to avoid problems with avoiding bits.

It is available in syntethic, leather-like alpha, nappa, western and British leathers; rein available seperately. Bitless Boble Inc. Featuring the classical look of leathers, the headstall has bits with snap fasteners at both ends to make changing or removing the bits easier. Retractors are available seperately. Kimberley bridles with Australian styled bridles allow you to turn your bridles into a holster in seconds when you take a rest on the trailer.

The Deluxe Add-On (with twin buckles option), made of Beta synthetics, transforms from holster to harness by grabbing the headband around the holster's head. Evolution is an evolution of the much-loved Freedom Bridle: essentially a headpiece with long bridles that can be configurated in different ways to meet your communications needs at any anytime.

Fasten the bridles to the headpiece in a specific way to obtain a bite free harness that exerts force on the headpiece, cheeks, cheek and headpiece; another setup produces a side puller. DuraTough Trail Bridle's plated duroplastic fabric is water-repellent and easy-care. Developed for the trail, the bridles remain smooth and supple in all weathers.....

DuraTough reigns available seperately. The National Bridle Shop, Inc. It is attached directly to the independent convertible top bridle of the holster fence with independent crowns-bite hanger so that you can simply slide it over the supplied holster on the trailer; the bridles (with press studs) serve as a guide cord.

Developed for the Nordic walker, the 16-inch headband is 43 inch from end to end (set at its longest hole). Rein not contained. Tuckers Trail Saddles, (800) 882-5375; Manufactured from double and sewn bridled to withstand the toughest conditions, the heavy-duty brocade holder has a 1.5/8 inch head.

Bridles are supplied with bridles and a kerb belt; a kerb bite is notcluded. Made of Weaver suede skin, (800) 932-8371; While using Beta synthetics for the look and feel as well as the easy-care properties of vinyls, the brass /bracket overlays provide more elegance. The teeth of your stallion are attached to the brackets, which engage on the cheeks of the headpiece to allow a fast change-over between bridles and tack.

Pennsylvania rider Laurel Berger O'Connor is the product writer for The Trail Rider.

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