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Riders are picky and can be hard to buy for, but with these eight unique ideas, your holiday gifts this year are sure to be a hit. The #1 resource for horse farms, stables and coaches. So, what will you be distributing as prizes to the winning teams? Horse show awards can be used for several purposes. In the first place, a prize is a souvenir of the winning team.

However, the best trophys are those that the participants appreciate and are proud to receive - not just the jewellery they will be leaving behind at the end of the game.

These are some suggestions from Siegel and other tournament leaders. As editions increased, many shows have removed awards for single categories and only give them to champion and high point winner. Some have been looking for cheaper trophys. Snowbird's solutions are ceramic muffle, cup, plate and other parts with the label of the game.

They are an eye-catching and useful trophy. "We' ve been doing a different article every year for five years so they could get settled," she says. "I' m sorry. I didn't know. "Segel buys the desired articles on-line, comparing the prizes and ordering for three shows to get volume rebates.

The costs can be as low as a few bucks per category, according to the article. "Several of our big shows have a theme, and year after year our show ers look forward to these special shows," says Marnye Langer from the Langer Equestrian Group, which hosts 40 hunting and training shows every year at various locations in California and Colorado.

The Los Angeles National Horse Show, for example, always presents a vase and polished crystal bowl with a bouquet of freshness. "They' create nice images and are very well received," says Langer. Memorial Day Classic at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center (LAEC) wears a company logotype every year, says Langer.

It' a trophies that isn't on a rack - it's used. Wherever the article goes, it will promote your holiday home or your events. You can embroider or silkscreen print a logotype on virtually any garment or pocket in any cost category, so you don't have to confine yourself to T-shirts.

LAEC Winter Opener (in January) gives the LAEC logotype a touch of seasonality. A unique award can help your show set itself apart from the rest, and it can be made by locals and craftsmen. produces decorative slate slabs and other objects for use as horse show awards. You can paint a custom agrotourism or any other theme of your choosing on 8 x 10-inch roof slate (from $34.95 each), or the theme can be converted into a printed image and decoupled onto the slate (from $19.95).

Against surcharge, the artists even goes to exhibitions and personalises the slate tablets by labelling each trophies by handwriting the name and the name of the winners. DeLoreto' s shop, Slate Expectations (, will also focus its designs on metal mugs, dishes and other trophies. "We use vouchers in our shows a lot," says Langer.

"A few will keep them for a large piece," says Langer, "and others like them because they simply don't want any more jewellery. The time was, a trophies for a fighter or knight was a goblet, dish or shell in gold - the only issue was the sizing. "She now shows give-aways that are more like freebies, so that the price has not served its purpose," she says.

Indeed, they have never gone out of fashion. They have become too expensive to distribute in any category, but they can still be within range of high point and league prizes (especially if you can set up a sponsorship to cover the costs). Trophaeenschnallen ( "trophy buckles") and etched spores are still sought-after prizes in the West's showscene.

Tornado (), pricing for customized clasps starts at $165; etched award spores, inclusively a name or tag, an happening figurine and a year, starts at about $200. Some of Harrell's shows include digital stills, iPods and other digital games. He runs the Arizona Sun Circuit and other quarter horse shows in several Northwestern states.

Harrell, headquartered in Caseyville, Illinois, says that winning top honors is not the rule at these shows. Winner awards for championships and high points differ from show to show and comprise both conventional and electronical articles, which are mainly given out in the age-groups. Although it may not seem very trophy-like, it is possible to have a show emblem engraved or decorated on the case or on the object itself to make the object a souvenir of the prize.

The Langer Equestrian Group uses this timesharing and offers weekly not only for the Equitation Challenge, but also as an event for coaches at each of the four locations of the group. Serial and year-end prices should allow the exhibitor to return to their trade fairs. However, less expensive incentivised dinners for two people in a great place, for example, can give the exhibitor an additional excuse to come through a showtime.

However, you don't have to be unbelievable to make a remarkable and remarkable award.

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