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Fantastic horse products

The work is great for skin problems, hoof care, sarcoids, etc. Buy ALL our horses & horse products here:. Would you like to stay in touch and be the first to know about special offers, great training tips and information about care and nutrition from leading horse professionals?

Information on the refinement of veterinary medicinal products: Fantastic horse products

Detail of the Enhancement Release for Great Horse Products, Etchingham, East Sussex released in January 2017. It has been released because it is used to treat and prevent horse rashes, mud fever, summer eczema, Mallandern, Sallandern and mite eczema and mite eczema.

In the United Kingdom there is no authorisation for the use of Animal Health product to treat or prevent them. Any evidence of horse rash, mud fever, sweet itch, mallander, sallander and mite alleviation of eczema must be eliminated from all O2Horse promotional materials.

Part of this is also any "educational" documentary that is presented in connection with the work. All certificates that have been duplicated in the production of Öl2Horse and relate to the terms set forth in 1 shall be deleted. The Enforcement Team of the Directorate of Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use shall be provided with documentary evidence that Öl2Horse will no longer be submitted for the purposes of the treatments and preventive measures referred to in point 1 until it has been approved as a veterinary medicinal products in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinances on Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use. 1.


We have been using Total Control for 4 month now and all our ponies are running very well. The other Finish Line products that have worked for us are the Willow Pooultice products, which are excellent for leg chilling, especially over night, we also use the dried products as a sensible option.

The Finish Line Apple a day Electrolyte is also very popular, so far all our riders have been sweating this year, we have been using this line for several years. All our stallions are working through the summers as normal, as we run a stables here in Jupiter, FL, we don't have much option in terms of the amount of riding we do, we work for short durations, but our stallions are prospering and will also be shown at Global in July this year in Global, Wellington and in October in the final of Region 3.

At the beginning of the year three of our youngsters won and placed in Global Wellington Sir Jearly at Intermediare 11, Beatrice at Prix St. Georges, Primadonna (owned by Roberta Pala) at Intermediare 11 and De-lightful at Training. I used XBL Ultra on my running horse and it was it that rescued me and him.

At the end of the trial, I was willing to just pension him off forever because he was hemorrhaging through everything, I tried a salix, I tried triple x bleeds, and many many other products and he would hemorrhage after every run. Thanks for bringing me my horse back!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to write to say that Finish Line is my favourite one. They really show the work they put into each of their products. Darling Dear Finnish, I am going to write to you today to tell you how much I love your Kool-Out Poultice! So much I use it on my horse, we keep buying your box.

After a long show days I loved how it gave my horse, Chardonnay, a better feeling! And I really appreciate the tough, stunning work you've put into your products! This is my Fluid Action tale (for horse, dog and cat). Buddy came down again in June 2015, it didn't get any better, so I had to go to bed.

Anyone who has a dog should do this. My dear Finishline, I have been giving Feet First and wow to my filly since June! It usually bloats in summers because of the heat, but this year, although it has bleached a little, it is much darker than it ever was.

My dear finishline, my daughter's older show horse has the beginnings of C.O.P.D. and he has an allergy that made him feel so coughy that we thought we couldn't show him anymore. And then I began to use Air Power and his chest was checked and his respiration was so much better that not only could she show him again, but also the year-end playmaker in many Illinois Hunter Jumper Assoc. division shows "B".

It is a great horse food that has worked well on all the horse I have used it on. I have been using your products for several years, I have not found any that I do not like. At the moment I use Air Power every single night on a horse with slight rush and hypersensitivity, and it has greatly aided without the side effect of chemical or medication.

My dear finishlin, I import my horse Chatel's Rowin from Denmark 10 years ago. And it was also an extreme warm, wet and faulty season that he wasn't used to getting out of Denmark. I changed pastes and ulcer protection every day last summers until I went to the tents and Mo let me get a free trial of the I7.

Also my horse is an extreme choosy feeder, but he likes apple and so I never had a problem with him taking the channel 7 that he likes and that he can't choose anyway because it's a fluid. Finishline, I adore your products. Apple a day I use all year round and I've never had a horse that doesn't like it.

Also I use Quia-Cal which is great for show preparation, channel 7 for the digestive and gastric system and EZ Willow Liniment and EZ Willow poultice for the thighs! After trying out a wrap, tubing and insoles menu, I found that Finish Line is the best. Their products are cutting-edge and meet all the needs of my horse.

EZ Willow Gel ensures that the lining gets on the horse! Just how simple Finish Line products make the care of my show horse is something I like! Darling finish line, I'm also trying to get Sam to make her and Ottis' history. Before I diagnosed, I began Ottis on U7 stomach help and didn't realise how much convenience it actually gave him until I removed him from it to try to help at our expense.

And the second photo was from 6 months after we sent him back to work last August. Finishline, I am today telling you what a big change your Air Power has made in my horse and my world. Already in 2012, my gelding was severely found to be suffering from respiratory and cough problems that compelled me to take early pension.

Throughout the rest of 2011 I have been questioning the lives of my dear horse due to his new problems. There were many different products I tried, both of which were administered by a veterinarian, and other kinds of feed-through programmes that didn't help him. Because he was depressed and tied to agriculture, he began to lose it.

It was proposed in 2013 to try Air Power, so I immediately purchased your large cylinder of it and tried it out with immediate results for him at home on the yard. When I had one months of using your products, when it had a flicker, I resolved to try it out by letting it saddle up and your products worked, it really worked, REALLY!

In fact so good that I began to get it back into form, and in 2013 we began to compete again! Your products allowed me to compete successfully in the race and this year he was the NBHA 2-D Nation champion for New Hampshire! I' m living with your products now and I promise it and I will never get along without the big bottles in the yard and in my pendant.

I' d like to thank you for such a great piece of equipment and was wondering if you were sponsoring the drivers for the year? I' d be honoured to have your badge and your label on my pendant and to keep everyone informed of how your products have enabled me to compete with my great Impish Iron for many more years to come!

Finishline, this is Sadie. To help heavens, I began googling nature ways and found Air Power?. This is a great horse to have. I really enjoy this horse and suggest it for any horse that has weight, difficulty respiring or even a cough after training. It' s just that I really enjoy everything being completely normal and working really well.

I had some good acquaintances who drew my attention to your stand at Rolex in 2014 because you gave away "furafree Furazon that smelled like lemons". I am the proud possessor of an ultra -accident-prone filly and I use your products all the way and even start using them to eliminate excessive swellings on my knees when I ripped my ACL last December.

What I like is that it does exactly what it's meant to do without having to fear that it may contain carcinogenic substances (plus, it really does smells like lemons!). It' by far the best preparation I have ever used against perspiration and will help cure sores in recordspeed. I am so happy that I found this great item!

My dear Finishline, my 24-year-old Gelding has had breathing problems since he had lung infection a few years ago. Then I tried Finish Line®'s Air Power and gave it a daily dosage before driving it or driving it. It helped him a lot and I wouldn't go back to another one.

I have been using EZ-Willow for a few years now and I think it is the best way to firm the leg of my horse. And after I have rubbed her feet, my palms felt good too! Discovering Total Control Plus has given my showcases greater mobility, outstanding foot quality and an incredibly glossy coat.

Now I have old teaching ponies that are no longer on Bute and are offering a gallop if they could only run/trot. I' m so thrilled with this 5 in one and I' m so optimistic that my horse will keep enjoying their work because they are feeling so good from the inside out!

Robinson Holly Parks, from HPR Show Stables, is a third dressagewoman. I use Air Power for my 20 year old filly, I have been using her for about two years and she has improved my horse for the better. She suffers from pain and none of the other products on the shelves worked for her, she always had to take a steroid due to her ailments.

Eventually I found Air Power in a fodder shop and I was tired of observing my horse hissing. 0K, because it did so MUCH for my horse. I' m so extremely grateful for this horse and sincerely urge anyone who has a heavy/coughing horse to give it a chance.

Even in the summers I can go riding on my horse again! Last year at the Equine Affair in W. Springfield MA I visited the Finish Line® stand and distributed a sample of the new and improved Fluid Action HA powders. I' ve tried everything with my filly that has problems with the knee.

She began it and within 2-3 week I had found a discrepancy. I' ve been using this since last year and I'm sure it's the only thing that really helps my TB-breed. Recently I began with my QH-mare which gets a little older.

I' m sure it will be of great help to her, too. Thanks for a great piece of work and for backing everything you do. At the moment I am living in Canada and have a small board-stall. My own 5 stallions and I am a rider.

I have been using the Finish Line Horse Products "New and Improved" Fluid Action® HA Powder since its introduction in 2014 in the horse affair. In my opinion, my stallions are more flexible and do not need so much down time after training. Couldn't buy the item in Canada, so I would go to the USA to buy it.

It is now available in Canada and my ponies and I am very grateful! My 15-year-old filly Cowgirl, a 15-year-old filly, had a very poor back due to ageing and off the course. Since we put her on Finish Line®'s Fluid Action HA HA HA, the motion in her hindquarters has greatly increased!

Couldn't be more satisfied with the results that this horse has given my filly, she is much more convenient and now follows more accurately. I' m truly excited about this great tool and will never try anything else again! Finishline, Zazu is a 6 year old warm -blooded gelding who came to us from the south, with wounds in summers, among them this large one and several smaller ones that covered his torso.

The horse was launched with Finish Line Total Control because he had so many problems that I felt this was a complete horse that would help his general state. Finishline, thank you for being so kind when we quit talking about Total Control®! The Finish Line was a supporter of the AIR Show Jumping Millbrook (NY) Summer Classic 2015 and one of our riders won a pail of your company's work.

I started our horse Colorado with Total Control without saying it to anyone on the ranch. I got so many congratulations after a months about how great he looked and "What did I give him to look so good? "The only thing we did differently was to add Total Control to his food.

It was more shiny, better moving and its general attitudes were those of a lucky horse. Due to your generous approach to awarding products, I am quite sure that all my horse will be on Total Control ® from now on! Thanks a lot for a great one. At the Bernie Traurig Springpferde-Klinik our youngsters took part in the MA Equine Affaire and showed their performance!

I have been using Finish Line®'s Total Control for two years and I like it! The captain of my horse had problems with copulation and health in his heels. Colics were no problem after changing to Total Control and his legs became stronger. Can' t say enough to my horse lovers!

Thank you for the sample - Finish Line® products are great! During the whole sommer my horse always used Apple-A-Day Day? and never had any problems with hot water. Complete Control®: Until I learned about Totally Control®, I used four different horse supplement products. I no longer have to take measurements of 4 different additives for the stable in a container, one of which my horse did not like.

My stable is able to give only 2 shovels TC, it is so much simpler for everyone and my horse can eat it without any problems. Well, my horse looks and feel good. Many thanks Finish Line®! When DeDe came out of her SUV after her buy, she was really under stress and thin.

I found U-7 after years of trying out various Ulcus products at U-7?. I' ve had them on U-7 for 2 years and it has been the best for them. It is much quieter than any other one. I use the fluid and gunpowder in the cold season during the summers due to our cold temperatures.

It is a highly recommended item. Ladies and gentlemen, I am in favour of Total Control®. She has been with me for 3 or 4 month and her legs are astonishing, she does not put her ear back when I contact her side and her fur is always glossy. It' a great one!

What I like most is that it has everything you could wish for at an accessible cost. I use Finish Line Air Power every single days before my show and I really like it. When I travel to so many shows and am sometimes subjected to different types of Allergen and Hi, my horse can get a little stimulation in her neck.

I would like to thank you for your products. Some years ago I ran into Andrew Johnson at West Coast Horsemen's Expo in Sacramento, CA. An Andrew presented Total Control® and several other products. I' ve always used these products with amazing results. EIPH was detected in my 11-year-old Rocky (9-year-old QH) in March 2015.

Desperate at the thought of giving him IV Lasix before every run or withdrawing him from the sport (this horse is smiling when he runs a pattern), I began to look for alternative. Finish Line® appeared in my mind after I had read article and blogs for blogs, and I found XBL®Ultra. While Madilynn and Rocky continue to run down in the 2-D surface of the 3-D, they take controls from every run we go to!

My 12-year-old quarterly gelding on Cal? My 12-year-old quarterly kitten competed a few days before a big tournament and I was very satisfied with the results. They cannot defeat a business that is willing to support its products and use premium quality raw materials.

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