Green Horse Toy

Grünes Horse Toys

Discover the toy that will be at the top of the children's wish list. Gift Sets Green Horse Toys Co Limited, Hong Kong Manufacturer. Grüner Pferdebehälter, incl. pump (inflatable jumper, space hopper, ride)

but I' m too low priced. Well, my man said it was really simple to blow up. I have a 2.5 year old girl who is averagely tall and built. While she hasn't yet found out how to actually jump on it, she likes to use it as a sitting area at "her" desk (a side table).

The horse is robust, does not odour and is relatively cute...or at least not scary. Simple repair, just sweep it off after you blow it up. Now, my daugher's learnt how to jump on that thing. It' still her favourite toy (apart from her two favourite plush toys that are her babies).

The eight-year-old family boy (a big boy) jumped on it, and although he was far too tall, he did well. It' used by my girl inside and out on the pebble drive. Dirt gets on, but a damp cloth makes cleaning easier. She used her clippers and chopped her ears.

Tried to fix it with an elastic vinylic strap, and it worked well. Bracelet worked great.... just not on the ears with all the angles and bends. The horse had to vanish silently one evening. They had a good one and a half year's use of it, and it would have been preserved if she hadn't dragged the shears into her game room!

Gymnastic horse Rody Horse

Easter 2014 was Easter, and my spouse and I were taken to my wife's Aunt Mary's home for Easter supper with our then 15-month-old daugther. Her aunt Mary is a little older and doesn't have a lot of children's games in her home, but she happened to have this thing about a swinging horse with giant feathers and a metallic framework, and... it was just the kind of thing that today's parent would look at and immediately think that "my child will somehow loose his finger".....

Now, we didn't let the old-school horse rock stop us from bringing our girl on stage just to give... and boy, we regretted that choice as soon as we made it. But she fell in love with jumping at EVERYTHING from that date on, screaming, "Whinny! Whinny! Whinny!".

"Whinny! Whinny! Whinny!" "Whinny! Whinny! Whinny!" "Whinny! Whinny! Whinny!" "Whinny! Whinny! Whinny!" Eventually, after about 4 month of my child having to "neigh" at everything, my spouse and I determined that we had to find something that would satisfy my daughter's lover of Neighing and at the same time allow her to remain a little bit secure (the arms of a settee are only 2.5' too high for our comfort).....

Step on the Rody - this thing allows my daugther to "neigh" until the horse comes home - she jumps everywhere on it, and - BONUS - since there are no feathers to do the work, she carries off on it as she jumps, leading to quieter naps after a full meeting.

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