Grey Racehorses for Sale

Gray racehorses for sale

She' s friendly and credible for any career and should stand out in the show ring. Dotted grey thoroughbred horse for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm "The " Passion" is a 2009 spotted grey, 16. The Passion Director has a very good family tree. As a lawn horses she was raised, but there were no lawn runs for her in cold weather. Your grower believes she would make a good 3-day-old.

Sporthorse breeding and tournament riding should take a closer look at this spotted thoroughbred filly, which is for sale at her breeding.

Sorry, we' ve lost your passport. Passion Directed is sold. Before you call, please check them out: How much is this jockey and what is the name of the Jockey Club? Prizes are not made public as the prize may rise or fall according to the type of race. The majority of our stock has an avarage of $3500, but can be up to $1000 or up to $5000.

In case the stallion you are calling is not within your financial constraints, we may be able to suggest another stallion. The Jockey Club name is not included on the website as the seller does not want to receive phone call from a person who has not been tested by us because they have the ability to help these stallions into new heels.

Jockey Club documents will be provided for most of our equestrian events and we will be pleased to link to your racing documents and family trees. We' re not selling a damn stallion if it's not a good fit - no amount of cash you have. You an ally? Perspectorses are NOT on our farms.

Sorry, we' ve lost your passport. Passion Directed is sold. When you see a horsy you like: the horsy: We' re not gonna persuade you to buy a damn steed! Then we will help you find the right matching or tell you to expect other stallions because none of the actual stallions are matches. Before you call us, please review our Price Information and Track Prospect horse purchase pages.

You can find some more pages under the Our Horse buy link at the top of this page. Perspectorses at the Track are only available to purchasers who have the capabilities and resources to make a smooth change. Don't race us! We don't race us!

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