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Pets & Dog Grooming Professional Equipment For Sales Our expert employees select the care equipment we provide for you. Our knowledge of the best solutions meets the needs of every client. We have a wide range of equipment including skirts, curved belts, shearing knives, paint cutters, shearing machines, dryers, shears, shampoos, spraying equipment and tanks. Some of the other pet care items we stock are: coolant, detergents, lubricant, cosmetics, hygiene equipment, haemostats, leash and lead, mask, muzzle, wrap, store and organizer.

Our range includes only high value brand edutainment products such as Artero, Oster, Andis, Wahl, Electric Cleaner Co., H42, Kwik Stop, R-7, B-Air, and many others. If you decide to buy your pets care product from us, you can rely on it: We are one of the best suppliers of grooming products for the local food retailing industry.

We also have more than 40 years of expertise in this sector and our employees have a wealth of expertise in the field of animal welfare. Every single call, on-line call or visit our shop will help you to select the best product for your needs. Certified grinding and fixing of clippers:

Our expertise lies in resharpening and repairing blades. We are authorised to provide outstanding repairs and resharpening service. Storefront with trust, as our on-line storefront provides a safe ordering system that is quick and simple to use. To find out more about the range of goods and brand names we sell, please check our catalogue today or call 717-942-4372.

Have a look around in our on-line shop and order now canine care products and other care products.

Dogs care and bathing equipment: Care products & accessories

Dogs care and swimming equipment keeps your pets tidy, showable and comfortable. There are various products for your puppy, from moisturising shampoos to pets' bath mittens, that make it easy and effortless to wash your puppy. You can even find grooming equipment and utensils to keep your pet's fingernails neat and straight.

If you' re looking for equipment for lop-eared cats, the best way to keep your rags clean andry is to use a dog's own earmold to relieve your puppy's discomfort when his hearing is infected. Different types of grooming products for dogs, such as slurry line toothbrushes, mats removal comb and unraveling conditioner can help with felted and mats.

Or you can reduce the amount of bulk in your home with the many multi-purpose grooming products to help you reduce the amount of room in your cleaning area.

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