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When I was pretty young, I started testing skin care products. ("Barbers, Skin Care Professionals & other Grooming Experts"), who work in our stores. Bombfell Brand ONLINE New USA Fendrihan Grooming lab Lavender Fields MASC skincare Main st.


Now we are launching enhancements in another part of our wellness department: men's care. Over 600 items from well-known labels such as Harry's, Beardbrand, BYRD, Cremo, Maestro's Classic, Pacinos and more are presented in the new men's collection, offering visitors new labels to explore and try out.

Men Care Products |Bart Oil and Tattoo Balm| Hair Pomade

All batches of each and every item are manually metered, calibrated and processed here in our lovely Brooklyn, New York facility. Our passions, our accuracy and the loving attention we put into every balsam, every single piece of every single cream and every single piece of every single cream are handed down from our own palms to yours. High quality grooming brushes. I' ve bought the Fort Greene Beardoil and Command Beards Balsam.

Like a Hollister place. It' smoothes your hair, but doesn't burden it like many others. This balsam allows you to form your whiskers and although it is a weighty, oily material, it does not make your whiskers look oily. I just got the barbecue balsam, moustachewax and the beard oils I bought for my husband's Father's Day present.

I' ve just got my Williamsburg mustache and a piece of mustache soaps and it is totally awesome! When I first used Bart Oils, I realized a big discrepancy with my mustache, not to speak of this special aroma. It is subtly not overwhelming what I had hoped for.

I got it for a colleague with a mustache. He said after using it for a few months that his body felt smoother and he realized that his mustache no longer itches. His testimony is that he was on his way when he ran into a young woman who accidentally touched his mustache. It was so bewitched by the tenderness of his mustache that it summoned her mates.

Recommended this gadget! 2 oil Balm 2 Ounce Ointment Most post-treatment creams are filled with asphyxiating vaseline, which can cause irritations, block pore clogging and tighten the skins of the necessary air for the healer. If your epidermis is in a delicate condition, we believe you need a natural healer.

Rich in nutritive, regenerative anti-fungal oil and butter, our balsam contains known for relieving swellings, calming irritations and supporting the heal. You can use this ideal ointment as a calming ointment for your coloured hide or wherever your hide needs a little added push. Heat and softens the balsam between your fingertips and put a thin coat on your new ink as soon as you can see that the recovery has started.

Use only on cleansed, dehydrated skins. Without this humidity the complexion can quickly change from soft and supple to blunt and stained.

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