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GROOMERs offer a huge range of animal care products for professional keepers, including shampoos, clippers, scissors, brushes and salon equipment. Indefinite free entry to the best brainstorming opportunities in the hemisphere. Malteser shaven eyes shortly trimmed, I like it as it looks with some of my puppies with those eyes! I am more of a big breed, but I have to say that Pomerania is one of the sweetest little cats! Trendy Salon puppy care slippers - Tap the needle for the most beautiful Pavtastic coat babies' clothing!

You' re going to like your dogs and cats! Little by little with images on your hands as you take off a mustache. Winning a copy of the illustrated volume "Groomed"! A new colour of chalks, available at your PetSmart Grooming Show. MySecret Weapon - Pets Care Agents, Dogs Care Agents, Dogs Care Agents Canadian - The Best for Dogs and Dogs Fans!

Suppliers of a wide selection of grooming equipment and pets.

GrossersĀ Ltd. is a UK-based company that has evolved from a producer of evening primrose oil shampoo to an established global player in the animal health sector. Producing a broad line of grooming and grooming equipment under the brand GROOMERS for the dog, cat and horse industries, we now source a large selection of high value grooming and petcare needs from around the globe.

However, our philosophy has not changed: affordability, innovativeness and choices. The exhibition presents a collection of our large machines, among them desks, bathrooms, dryers and blasting machines, as well as our offer of shears, cutters and work clothes of the brand Groomer. There is a large variety of care and care items for both professional pets and home care users.

For more information about these items or to explore the possibilities of retailing, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

Canine care products: Shampoo, towels, scissors & more

Standard free shipment is automatic for your $49 qualified sales earn. The sub-total relates to the amount of the order before tax and shipment. Forwarding expenses are free of charge on standard forwarding expenses. Mailboxes, Alaska/Hawaii are USPS Priority Mail compliant. Exceptions free of charge: Further disclaimers may be valid and will be noted on the product detail page and/or in the shopping cart.

Cats, dogs, birds, living and deep-freeze foods and large objects may cause an extra flat rate or an extra charge per article. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands or PO boxes are subject to an add. charge. It' your standard delivery adress.

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