Grullo Quarter Horse for Sale

Quarter Grullo Horse for sale

Explore Grulla Quarter Horses sold on America's largest horse marketplace. Receive a notification with the latest ads for "grullo" in Alberta. AQHA Grulla / Grullo Quarter horse breeders Grullo Quarter horses. The Grullas are for sale at any time. Our horses are excellent Grulla, Grullo, Dun, Buckskin Quarter Horses.


Our ponies are all reared in the open countryside where they feed from livestock, wild animals, dogs, bovines, transport, ATV's and get to know themselves in the physical where. Those more gifted will be asked to stand on their plates and compete in the NRHA and AQHA show pins, which comprise the Rocky Mountain Reining Horse Association, Cowboy States Reining Horse Association and the Rocky Mountain Quarter Horse Association.

You can take these powerful breeders to abseil, reining, cutting, penning, working cowhorse event, multiple class rankings, trail and will be great all-round riding animals... depending only on how you want to end them! And we know how much pleasure it gives to riding a beautiful horse, so we have colours for every preference, from Schwarz, Sauerampfer, Kastanie, Bucht, Dun, Suede, Palmino, Grullo, Red Dun, Grau, Bay Roan, Blueroan, Roand, DuRan, DuRoan, Suede and sometimes even a creamllo or beanie!

Our broodmares and sires are Dots Jessie, Doc O Lena, Smart Little Lena, Docs Lynx, Dry Doc, Gallo Del Cielo (Rooster), King Fritz, Bueno Chexinic, Lowry Star, Reminic, Shining Spark, Uno Rooster, Master Snapper, Nic It In The Bud and Hollywood Dun It.

Regardless, we think that you will be able to benefit from the high value achievement horse we have at your disposal. Should you wish to receive updates of our pictures, a clip or a tour of our horse, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Many thanks for taking the opportunity to check out our website and see our work!

rullo Quarter Horses and Dun Factored Performance Horses. Wheaten Maran's balls, too, chicks and hens.

This is Blueburn Peponita, an AQHA Grullo(Grulla) out there. Peponita is a grandchild of 2X World Champion Peponita and a Grullo daugther of Mr. Blackburn 41. "Blue " is over 99% founded and has the best stud arrangement you can imagine. While Doug and Kris entered the Quarter Horse Association as mutual members in the early 1990', interest in Brullafarbe and Pretty Buck began in the 70's when a member of Kris' Horse Association had a Pretty Buck Dun progeny who had an incredible temperament and was remarkably handsome.

Even though we like the Trulla colour, we never have and never will offer other important characteristics like conformity and temperament. Just like Blue, all our ponies are very muscular and very uncomplicated. Most of our clients use our breed programme in the exhibition ring as holster, trailer and calf classes.

There are not many of our own stock, but the ones we have are selected from many years of very selected catteries. Luckily we were able to ship our horse to almost all states of Lower 48, Canada, Mexico, Wales, England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden and Luxembourg - a big thank you to all our previous clients!

Take a look at our GrĂ¼lla items about the magnificent colour. These were the first of their kind, wrote by Kris, before the brullo madness started. It' s passing by, and these items are becoming a little outdated, but still offer easy-to-read information about whether a horse is a Brulla or how to replicate it.

We' re happy to discuss our and your horse.

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