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Knaufpferd (also side horse) is an artistic gymnastic device. It is traditionally only used by male high school students. Manufacture of Mancino gymnastic mats and sale of equipment. Browse our AAI Elite and Classic horse ranges and our tailor-made knee-pad sets for every level of men's gymnastics. An AAI Pommel Horse System Mat Click here to see a larger image.

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Our range also includes top brand names such as ELITE? and AAI. The pommel horse has a slim top style that allows your athlete to use the entire horse's entire physique for more skill. Developed to meet AAI's Pommel Horse K├Ârper and FIG specification, these tricks are made from high quality laminate wood to ensure the correct humidity level.

The tie-down system connects to ELITE? and CLASSIC Horse when additional strength is needed. The CLASSIC? can be adjusted and is made with the same workmanship as the ELITE Horse only with an imitation hide covering made ofapahide. Variable equipment transporters are engineered to work with AAI equipment, such as odd rods, balancing girders, pommels and the like.

Hold your opponents particularly secure by buying this competition mat for your home use. Featuring a full system that incorporates a concealed solid, two frills, two pistons, plus a baseplate, this new Buck fixture has a new design. The light weight basis of this Pod Trainer is made of a structured synthetic material and offers a long service life.

This large Pod Trainer is used at the United States Olympic Trainer Center (USOTC) and enables the immediate transfer to the Pod horse and shortens the study period. Ideally suited as a teaching aid for the development of knob horse skill, this pod is a useful aid for beginners and intermediate riders. The complete Plain Top pod is an excellent exercise machine for the development of the horse's abilities.

The complete pod - Pedal Top is an excellent tool for the development of your horse's abilities.

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This is a traditional knob horse training routine that includes both individual and dual foot work.... In order to make the practice more demanding, the gymnast will often make a variation of a characteristic circular skills by turning (moors and spindles), by spreading the feet (flairs), by putting one or both of his or her palms on the knob or hide, or by raising and lowering the horse by putting their palms on the knob and/or hide (travelling).

The routine ends when the jumper jumps off, either by jumping his torso over the horse or by going through a hand-stand to touch down on the mats. Points are set for the kneel horse, its gymnastics and various regulations. Although it is well known that all occurrences involve a certain build-up of muscles and techniques, knee-high horse tends to prefer the techniques to the muscles.

The reason for this is that the horse routine is carried out from the shoulder in an oblique movement and that, unlike other shows, no movements are required. Consequently, the amount of strain generated in the arm is decreased, which means that fewer muscles are needed in this case than in the case of breastfeeding sessions or paralleling sessions.

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