Gypsy Horse Tack

The Gypsy Horse Tack (Gypsy Horse)

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Gypsy Vanner - Ridingwear, english & western zipper and horse accessories

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There are just a few things about the lovely gypsy-vanner race that will attract your attentions. Gypsy Vanner comes from the United Kingdom. Not only were these Gypsy designed ponies raised to be pretty, they also had to be useful. Gypsy Vanners had to be powerful as a means of transport to tow large cars into trailers and friendly enough to accompany the kids of a hostamily.

Gypsy Vanners resemble a small design and usually have a strong feather on the leg and exuberant menes and cocks. Available in many colours and designs, among them Pyiebald (black and white Tobiano),kewbald ( a combination of browns, reds and whites incl. three-coloured Tobiano) and blugdon (a monochrome colour with whites sprayed from bottom to top).

Gypsy Vanners were first introduced to the United States in 1996, and today this robust and smart race is enjoying increasing success.

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