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This is Teskey's Hackamore with split reins. Hackamore Bit Logic Professional Series. It' a good piece for slow work and training.


Good state, equestrian sized hackamore. The highest grade hand-polished and genuine leathers. Colour: Light brown nappa leathers. The Hackamore Westerns are a good option to get ready for your next trip. These Hackamore bridles' qualities and designs will inspire sports enthusiasts.

Browse new or softly used Hackamore West Tacks and save more. Buy the large stock of pets you need for your home as well as your garden!

Why and when to move from Hackamore to Bit

Hackamore and bridle pieces have the same use. Both are used for the launch of ponies. There are some folks who favour bridles and some folks who favour a hackamore. It is my favorite thing to compete in a Hackamore. However, every mare should finally grade from the bridle or the hackamore (if you want them to progress).

They are both used in the initial phase of equine work. A lot of intruders ( and maybe even you who read this) have trouble with it. There' are some very offensive bit out there (like the shake bit) that I would NEVER use on any of them. I saw some of them being heavily misused because the horsemen had no idea what they were doing and their steed was far from prepared for what they were using.

However, if you gradually grad your horse from one stadium to the next until they get to the bit, they are (ideally) already so easy to the mark that you hardly even have to use a lot of stress on the rein to get them to do anything. Attempting to use a "college level" while the stallion is still in nursery school is where most men get into difficulties.

It is therefore important to coach your horses in phases and to hit them at the stage they are at. There is also a short movie about the transition from Hackamore to the double-breasted, to the bridle: The pictures in this movie are from my good buddy James Shoshone. And, with all this said, if you want to ride your mare in a hackamore and you agree to keep him at the standard he is at, then there is nothing amiss in doing so.

Most of his professional activity he worked on bovine farms where he was riding oxen all the time. It was often in times when he either had to find out how he could help the stallion to comprehend or it could become a living or deadliness. Now, he is traveling around the nation, educating students in the basics of horsemanship in practice wards.

It has a very special way of disassembling things where they are easily understood, both for the horses and for humans.

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